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HackerHouse Scavenger Hunt

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  • HackerHouse Scavenger Hunt

    Ok folks, once again, the time of year falls upon us to begin our search for all manner of things doth foreign and domestic.. both benign and malignant??

    That's right, it's ScavHunt time!

    Once again the HackerHouse crew (with more than a little help from all of you) will be bringing you all of the fun and entertainment of the DefCon ScavengerHunt. Complete with comedy, tragedy, pain and prizes!

    Your ability to assemble a team that can scam their way into anywhere... Talk their way out of anything... and find a little bit of everything could lead to fame, villainy, fun, excitement and fortune (if you consider a pile of schwag a fortune).

    More info on the competition side coming soon...

    The submission page will be up again soon so start thinking of ideas now...
    If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.