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Security Education Conference in Toronto - Call for Papers

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  • Security Education Conference in Toronto - Call for Papers

    A new event along the lines of the world famous BlackHat USA event is coming to Canada and is looking for top speakers.

    SecTor is all about the meat -- The content that matters to Security Professionals today -- Black Hat and White Hat. Sure we plan on having fun and having a number of celebrated speakers contributing to the event, but of number one importance to the advisory committee is quality content for attendees and an security conference experience unmatched in Canada.

    This is a call for speakers/papers. If believe you have a significant discovery or research that the security community would value, or enjoy hearing about, we invite you to submit your presentation topic for serious consideration.

    Please make your proposal submissions before May 31st, 2007. Slides for the papers must be submitted by October 15th, 2007.

    SecTor attendees are a mix of security professionals and vendors, programmers, students, network administrators and IT executives. Preference will be given to speakers who can present innovative technical content to a broad audience. Of course, all presentations are expected to challenge the brightest and quickest of attendees - we wouldn't have it any other way.

    SecTor is not a vendor fair. Consequently, there will be very little tolerance for commercial content within presentations. Attendees will be encouraged to quell any shameless marketing that is not immediately backed up with rationale for its inclusion. Beware of flying objects presenters.

    Proposals should consist of the following information:

    Presenter and contact info (country of origin and residencee-mail, postal address, phone, fax).
    Employer and/or affiliations.
    Brief biography, list of publications and papers.
    Any significant presentation and educational experience/background.
    Topic synopsis, Proposed paper title, and a one paragraph description.
    Reason why this material is innovative or significant or an important tutorial.
    Optionally, any samples of prepared material or outlines ready.
    Will you have full text available or only slides?
    Please list any other publications or conferences where this material has been or will be published/submitted.

    Please include the plain text version of this information in your email as well as any file, pdf, sxw, ppt, or html attachments.

    Please forward the above information to

    Move information about SecTor can be found online at

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    Re: Security Education Conference in Toronto - Call for Papers

    was looking at the web site but i couldn't see whether or not speakers are given any benefits or perks beyond free admission. while it's exciting that we Toool people are starting to get invites to a wider array of cons, most of us are at a point in our lives when we can't take off work and pay for travel and hotel rooms on our own. (heh, DefCon and ShmooCon tend to be the only cons that we would never miss under any circumstances, no matter the cost... sorry, SecTor just can't offer that level of booze, nakedness, and general raucousness)

    if there was some way of arranging for travel and room costs, Toool would be interested perhaps in giving a physical security talk (and one benefit of having a Toool presentation anywhere is that we are always happy to set up a small lockpick village where people can learn things hands-on and play with fun gear)

    still, this might have to hinge on some sort of help with travel, etc. you ever try to bring huge metal crates to airline check-in when they weigh like 100 lbs each? they tend to look at you kind of funny and ask for additional dough.
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      Re: Security Education Conference in Toronto - Call for Papers

      This is the first year for the con, and nothing even remotely like it exists in Canada (the only thing close is CanSecWest, and I believe they are substantially different in their content and focus) so we are trying to contain costs as a true startup.

      That said, we can cover travel and accomodations when a compelling case is made. TOOOL may be compelling. ;) Its most important to us that we have the best possible content and speakers. Give me a ring at 1-877-977-0330 or drop me a line at brian at

      And I agree, I don't know if we can compete in our first year with the nakedness and raucousness of Defcon and Shmoo... but we do have the advantage of Canadian beer!