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Skyboxes at Defcon 15

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    Re: Skyboxes at Defcon 15

    Originally posted by Thorn View Post
    If you can't get a skybox or one of the other rooms, we can give you a corner in the Wireless Village. We'd be happy to have you!
    Psst, careful, we're running out of corners!
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      Re: Skyboxes at Defcon 15

      Originally posted by Grifter View Post
      Space is almost gone, so start asking, and tell me why you need space, and what you'll do with it.

      I have received requests from 303, Church of WiFi, Hacker Pimps, Ninja Networks,, LPCon, and a few others.

      So I'm a bit late to make a request (hell, I apparently haven't logged in to the Forums since last August), but DC404 is gearing up for a 404 party Friday night. Looks like the boxes are all pretty much reserved, but we're looking for somewhere to congregate, as we'll have about 30 DC404 attendees in Vegas this year.

      If we can't finagle a skybox, we're open to ideas... and would welcome attendees from other DC Groups if that helps our cause...

      Whaddya think? Ideas?