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    I just paid this years installment to my black hole provider. Wrote a big check to IRS.

    I'd rather have a TARDIS instead.


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      Am I the *only* one who keeps a midget in there for emergencies? What is wrong with you people?


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        What's in my go kit?

        Depending on where it is I'm going, it could be some or all of the following....

        * Leatherman tool
        * Folding pocket knife (Always Emerson)
        * 550 paracord
        * Wristwatch
        * Cellphone
        * PalmPilot
        * Laptop
        * APS Camera
        * Flashlight (Preferably Sure-fire)
        * Two-way radio(s)
        * Something to read during idle time
        * Cat 5 and Crossover cables
        * Floppy disks and CDR's
        * Notepad and pencil
        * Business cards
        * PGP public key
        * Powerbars
        * Penguin mints
        * Glowsticks
        * Ziplock bags
        * Pocket first-aid kit
        * Extra forms of photo ID
        * Tilly or other floppy brimmed hat.
        * shirt(s) - (Great to hand out if you're a bind!)

        And to carry it all around to wherever I'm headed....

        Blackhawk Force-5 bag with 100 oz hydration system.
        Nonnumquam cupido magnas partes Interretis vincendi me corripit


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          In my kid

          Can it be that no one else here carry's a console cable and adapters to conect to routers or other equiptment when physical access is possable?

          For Shame........


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            Go kit

            OK, here's a rough rundown of what I'm usually carrying:

            - Laptop (ancient but venerable Hitachi VisionBook Pro)
            - OS w4r3z
            - CAT5 cabling (patch and crossover)
            - RJ-11 cabling, adapters, and breakouts for same
            - Yaesu FT-50R, SMA -> BNC adapter, and serial cable for same
            - Cellphone (doubles as silver box)
            - Red box
            - Can key
            - Alligator clips
            - 1.5-12V switchable cigarette lighter DC power adapter
            - Lock Knife
            - Allen Keys
            - Torx Keys
            - Screwdrivers (Philips & flathead)
            - Batteries (AA and AAA mainly)
            - Mini-Maglite

            Airline security loves me.


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              Actually you guys are lucky. You have to cary a bunch of shit for your jobs (assuming you need what you carry).

              I only need a laptop, my software, cellphone, and cables (yes, i carry them).

              Because I do primarily software support I often can get away without going on-site, I just take remote-control of their system. Since we don't have to go on-site as much anymore they are considering cutting down field support and just have a few dedicated people on the road. That means either I get another job or transfer to a job in the corporate office down the road. Either way, I probably lose getting to work at home a lot of the time.

              All because I don't need shit that forces me to go on site.


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                hmm... i thought people were just talking about their average day to day stuff... you know, shaving, bus ride, going for a walk kinda activities
                if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                  -wireless network card
                  -external HD (extra storage just in case)
                  -alot of cables
                  -magic CD (lotsa good stuff)
                  -digital camera (canon A10)
                  -cell phone
                  -mini computer tool kit
                  -mini mag lite
                  -caffeinated water :D
                  -recent 2600 copy & OR computer shopper
                  -band aids
                  -duct tape (1.1 million uses!)
                  -electrical tape
                  -CD/RW's / zip disk's
                  -quick reference books (unix/C/C++/networking)
                  -dark sunglasses

                  i think thats abou it...

                  "A dead atheist is someone who is all dressed up with no place to go." -James Duffecy


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                    Re: a must have

                    Originally posted by TechnoWeenie
                    Lots of Advil...can not stress the importance of having these little guys..
                    <SIGH!> Excedrin.... Caffeine AND pain killer in one pill...
                    "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." - Plato


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                      Glock 30, 2 Spare Mags
                      Pepper Spray

                      Oh wait... that is somethign else.

                      IMB T23
                      CD Caddy w/ CDs of important software.
                      Palm Vx w/ omnisky
                      "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." - Plato


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                        On your person/ In your vehicle / for you job.

                        c0nv3r9 has a good point. Lets divide it out.
                        1. What do you normaly carry arround with you, not just when you are on the job but almost all the time.
                        2. What do you carry in your car/truck/phone booth (for you Dr. Who fans) as backup to what you carry on your person.
                        3. What do you carry for work.

                        It looks like we have #3 going pretty well, but what about 1 & 2?