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CTF Qualifications Are Complete

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  • CTF Qualifications Are Complete

    The qualification round for this years CTF is complete. More than 150 teams were actually submitting answers which means that participation for this year was more than double the previous high water mark (as far as we're aware). Results may be found at as always.

    This years challenges came in a wide range of technologies and difficulties. No single team actually solved them all... Additionally, this years level of international participation was staggering...

    The MUD for this year will remain up for teams to ask questions and hopefullly colaborate with eachother about how they came to solutions for some of the harder challenges. Additionally, we will be puting most if not all of the challenges back online for a while so everybody can sharpen up... Stay tuned...

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    Re: CTF Qualifications Are Complete

    Great challenge, thank you Kenshoto and everyone who helped!

    I would definitely like to see the answers for them so I can learn and hopefully qualify next year. Meh, at least I'll go to aCTF this year. The challenge with the mysql database ip in the cookie was just so outlandish, I never would have thought about it.