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  • Interesting, still no Blue Balls

    Courtesy of the securityfocus list ..


    Just a quick email to let you know about The Black & White Ball; the
    information security conference you need to be at. Taking place in
    London at the Ministry of Sound conference center between the 18th and
    21st of September 2007.

    We hope to see you there!


    Big Names To Front London Hacker & Security Conference

    The Black & White Ball to be held in London, England September 18th-21st
    released it's final speakers list today. The 'hacker con' is set to kick
    of with a bang as the world famous Oxblood Ruffin, head of the Cult of
    the Dead Cow's Hacktivism wing, keynotes the 'Black hat' track. This
    'black track' will run for 2 days and will be cover the latest in
    information attack.

    The last 2 days of the event will be the 'white track' and will cover
    defense methodologies. The leading speaker and digital guru Richard
    Thieme will open up the 'white track' with his keynote speech
    "Challenges to Identity, Structure and Security".

    There'll be plenty going on at the event. Other talks include:

    . Breaking Wireless and Mac OS-X Encryption with FPGAs
    . Real-Time Steganography with RTP
    . .NET Malware
    . IDS / Firewall Evasion and Spoofing
    . Practical Sniffing
    . Understanding the Heap by breaking it
    . Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

    Plus a special guests appearance from Jason Scott, of "BBS The

    At the Black & White Ball, the leading minds in network attack and
    defence will be releasing new tools, new source code, new exploits and
    documenting new techniques. This is not an event you want to miss!

    The event will also feature all-day training sessions from INFOsec
    company Security Compass ( lunch everyday, live
    music at the exclusive drinks reception, and much much more! Tickets are
    on sale NOW.

    Mark Hinge

    Operations Director
    +44 (0) 7908871091
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.