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    so i'm going to chalk this up to the summer lull that has everyone sleeping at their desks or going to the beach, etc. thus far, response has been very limited for the Titanium Chef and Guess the Flesh events at this years ToxicBBQ.

    so far only about a half dozen folk have posted/PM'd with their intention of participating in the meat-tasting-and-guessing game and only one person expressed an interest in entering the Titanium Chef cookoff (and even that interest was a bit half-hearted and accompanied by a lot of confusion about the whole process)

    i don't want to come across as whining or anything here... but money has been spent at this point. prizes have been acquired and other equipment and supplies ordered. i still plan on having a good time and eating loads of crazy animals with my friends... but geez, people, if you sign up now you'd have an almost guaranteed shot at the prizes and fame and glory since you may be participating unopposed.

    in an effort to lower the bar of participation, by the way, i'm reducing the cost of the meat sampler platter in the Guess the Flesh event. it's no longer $20 as stated in a previous post. it is likely going to be only $10 (as long as maybe another dozen people get in at that price i'll break even. i really don't fear that being a problem, since once everyone is at the BBQ there tends to be a lot of "oooh... i've never tasted yak" sort of fanfare with people asking if they can get some. still, the Titanium Chef event involves a lot more planning and logistics of supply)

    so what are you waiting for? throw your hats in the ring, already!
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