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additional enticing details... prizes for Exotic Meat Events

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  • additional enticing details... prizes for Exotic Meat Events

    hey all... in an effort to whip up some possibility of respectable participation i'm going to mention prizes and such. these were meant to be a surprise at the end of DefCon but since so far we've only had a smattering of meat-guessers and just one Titanium Chef team make anything close to a confirmation (unless i misread their words, i think c0nverge and mfreeck's crew are up for this) i feel that perhaps revealing the prizes now could pull in at least a couple more entries.

    Titanium Chef - whichever team wins the titanium chef challenge will, in addition to getting their entry money refunded, take home an assorted set of titanium camping cookwear (right now i have knife/spoon/fork sets and drinking mugs... still looking for some pots/pans that aren't over-the-top in price) which is ultralight, packs easily, is virtually indestructible and immune to scratches, and will never rust or corrode.

    Guess The Flesh - in addition to getting their $10 refunded, the winner here will get a free stab at the competition next year, too.

    Super Wicked Extra Prizes - as an added uber-bonus, i am also bringing two laptops to defcon which i will be giving away. i plan to have them as a prize for each winner in the two events... but if no one makes a perfect score in the "Guess the Flesh" then perhaps both will go to the winning Titanium Chef team. heh... between the ToxicBBQ and my two entries in the "0wn The Box" competition i may be donating four computers at defcon this year, yeeesh.

    so what are you thinking?!? get on that shit, people! PM me with your intentions to sign up now!
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