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  • Titanium Chef theme ingredient

    so... better late than never, eh?

    the theme ingredient around which your two main dishes will be based in the Titanium Chef competition will be one of the following meats...

    1. prime rib

    2. ground beef

    3. babyback ribs

    4. pork/swine

    5. domestic poultry

    6. strip steaks

    7. sausages

    8. venison

    9. waterfowl

    10. lobster

    a fair amount of the ingredient will be made available at the revealing which will take place at 3:00 PM in front of the badge registration area. you can take anything you get your hands on there, and will be allowed to buy more of the ingredient if you wish when you make your supply run.

    i will proceed right to the park and get an area ready, see you in sunset park at 4:00 PM or so... after i see you at 3:00 in the reg zone.
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