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Thanks to everyone...

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  • Thanks to everyone...

    I'll post more on the contest, stats, pics, info, a few days.

    Just wanted to thank those who competed. I hope it was as fun for you to play as it was for me to create.


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    Re: Thanks to everyone...

    a remarkable creation that was fun, challenging, and rewarding to those with diverse teams and talents who can think outside the norm... everything that represents DefCon.

    i look forward to talking with you, thorn, render, and some others about that thing we didn't get to talk about at defcon this year.
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      Re: Thanks to everyone...

      L0st - this was my best Con ever and a large part of that was because of you and the mystery box. I met some new people and learned quite a few things in doing so. The team may have been large but I think in some way everyone contributed something in one way or the other and while it was indeed so frustrating it was a blast.

      Come to ShmooCon again this year and I'll provide the beer for all of us to sit around and talk, if we can get Deviant to take time off from everything else he does. I am sure Render, Thorn, mouse and all the others can be convinced to spend time in the lobby after hours.
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        Re: Thanks to everyone...

        I agree, the box was truly amazing. I think I burst 2 blood vessels in my skull just thinking about the box.


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          Re: Thanks to everyone...


          I spent most of my nights working on the box with two of your students, and I have got to say that I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else. It was fun and challenging and I've gotten attached to the much that I took it home with me and am now displaying it as a centerpiece for my diner bar (still featuring the the tape, some zip ties, and the pancake lock at the bottom). If you want some pictures of it before and after we disassembled it, send me a message and I'd be happy to provide it.

          To everyone else-
          I hope you guys had as much fun as our team did trying to force your brain to try to decipher the message and then assembling the board.

          Can't wait until next year's box challenge!

          Our motto:
          "Theyz a gots tin fingus an tin tows stell!"
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            Re: Thanks to everyone...

            This was my first year playing, but man, I'm hitting the books and I'll be back for more next year - can't wait to see what sorts of torture you'll have planned!!


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              Re: Thanks to everyone...

              This was my first year on the challenge as well, and I think it's been my best Defcon to date because of it. I can't wait to see what you come up with for us on next year's challenge.

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