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    Re: Shout Outs!

    From "Vanna Vinyl"

    TY's to:

    Winn and GMark for letting me play again. I had a BLAST this year! And I'm already planning next years' costumes. :)

    Larsu and team, (gawd, I'm sorry I've forgotten names here) for all your pre-planning effort and hard work to make sure HJ happened. I'm glad you're on the team and I can't wait to see your system in action at DCXVI!

    dC0de, Major "Effin" Al and Highlander_3 for donating to the Vanna Vinyl costume fund. And to dC0de for taking me shopping on Friday.

    Chosen1 for being Vanna's pre-show Security Goon and for collecting the EFF wristband donations during the show.

    Siviak for jumping in as Vanna's "Manager" at the last minute Sat. night and for handling the wristbands at the DunkTank door (and for all the "extra" you raised with your exit/re-entry fees.) You can manage me ANYTIME! ;)

    All the HJ teams for making my job easy by missing the majority of the Daily Doubles, allowing me to keep my clothes on during the game. You guys SUCKED!! (in a Primus sorta way ;) And also for keeping it fun. I appreciate all of your continued support.

    DrunkenWhores v.2 (sans Humperdink) for making total drunken asses out of yourselves. I love you guys!

    Hack-a-Jar and the rest of Vegas 2.0 team for just being there again and being yourselves. I want an honorary lab coat next year!?!?!

    The team of Feds on Friday night that MADE MY CON, when I overheard one of them asking a teammate if I was really a girl!

    EvilMoFo and Penguin for the Pink Wig joke. And to Shazbot for not realizing the joke was for him until Tuesday morning.

    Galt for bringing me a twelve pack of Guinness Saturday night for the second year in a row. Friends don't let friends drink yellow beer. Sorry you guys didn't get to play this year.

    Stealth and the rest of the Dunk Tank team, for making sure the "after-show" ran smoothly and for changing out the water Saturday evening before my arrival.

    Brother Sunshine and OMG Ponies! I love just hanging out with you guys. Again, sorry you didn't get to play. :(

    Everyone that donated to the EFF and came out to the Dunk Tank Saturday night after Final Jeopardy. We raised over $800 - You guys RAWK!!

    FY's to:

    Trinity for agreeing to play Beer Betty and then backing out Saturday night without good reason - AFTER we'd comped you your badge. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of Vegas - BIOTCH -

    Whoever kyped my Cop Hat Saturday night - that was a borrowed piece I now have to replace.
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      Re: Shout Outs!

      well, this is always quite the huge endeavor every year, and after this defcon is no different. as always, the biggest shout-out i can give goes to the community as a whole, since everyone has seemed to really been bringing a consistently good vibe and improved attitude in recent years. we've come a long way from DC9 (the most recent "low point" in my memory of things) and nowadays the mutual respect, appreciation, and care shown towards others has been on the upshift each time around, i tend to think.

      like the slogan in my closing ceremony slides stated... DefCon 15 - Feel The Love.

      über shout outs go to...

      mouse, chris, eric, babek, and the rest of the TOOOL crew along with Doc, Fiddler, Schuyler, Schmiedl, and all the others who helped to make the Lockpick Village and the LPCon games such a success - it's hard to find properly-modest words when talking about the picking scene this year at DefCon... the fucking village was slammed with people pretty much during all hours of its operation. damn, it was a blast. thank you to everyone who came up there to learn and have fun. we sure enjoyed giving talks and hands-on trainings. next year we promise more space, more gear, and more fu for you.

      render, grey, and mouse - was kickass being right across the hall from you, couldn't have planned that better if we tried. maybe next year we'll make use of such logistics and plan better room parties. as it was this time around, i barely saw my room for more than 10 to 15 waking minutes ever.

      ast & val - thanks for bringing some fun crypto and leet laser shenanigans to the village, it made for a great aside. also, thank you for starting the TTBs on their next round of travel. let's do our best to keep things moving and keep the log books well-updated.

      HackerPimps and Ninja Networks - the two most rockin' parties of DefCon were, as is often the case, yours. while i could have done without the incident involving a drunk moron pouring liquid cocaine on the one stripper who then used my shirt to wipe herself off, i had a great time friday night all the same. and the Ninja crew... damn, i thought the minibosses couldn't get any better than last year but seeing them blast dual guitar action from four feet away while folks on the sidelines simultaneously poured cocktails into their mouths was something even my dreams couldn't have delivered prior to now. next time, however, keith should let you get a full set in (maybe even a second one) before monopolizing the speakers.

      Kenshoto - while the two above-mentioned parties were the most rocking, yours was actually the best-arranged. in addition to running the CTF with unbelievable style and skill, you had time to work on side projects (bob, thank you so much for those vids, i'll sort them and add them to the general filler project soon!) and arrange for a great time in your skybox. i skipped dinner that night to hang up there with you-all, so imagine my delight when i saw sushi, meats, and cheeses as part of your catering effort! you guys are all a class-act, 100% of the time.

      ck3k, bacchus, staticblac, voltage spike, nikita, neil, et. al - you are all terrific people to hang with and the parties this year wouldn't have been the same had it not been for folks like you spending time with me and sharing in all the liquid goodness that abounded. neil, i owe you for all that Jamesson, bro... great stuff!

      michelle - didn't get nearly as much time with you as we both would have wanted, but man did we make worthwhile the hours we did have.

      everyone who makes the ToxicBBQ happen - thank you guys for arranging all this each year, it is one of the highlights that i look forward to at each defcon. also, thank you for allowing me to increase my level of shenanigans each summer. this year's contests and games were a real blast, and i hope to continue to have the opportunity to run them in the future. special thank you to meee for the support and encouragement with the Titanium Chef event, since it was your baby before it was mine. you were the highly-skilled and strongly-opinionated judge who could see into the finest details and help us make the tough decision of a winner. also, the one fellow who was absolutley kickass about helping out with the meat games functionality... i never adequately got your name memorized, was it Brian? Dave? shit, i'm terrible with that. in any case, this was your first defcon and you totally dove in head first. i know you'll be back and immediately fitting in, your energy is exactly what we need at con!

      bruce, heidi, beetle, freshman, and the other shmoos who attended - it's no secret that i think yours is the second-best con around, and it's the one i'll never miss no matter how bad my schedule gets. one night (perhaps this should be in the "memorable quotes" section) someone asked me about the shmoo group and why people always said they kick so much ass. my response was along these lines... "they have unbelievable knowledge, to the point that their skill alone is enough to make them gods of the industry, plus there's the fact that each one of them and their significant others are all gorgeous... and yet on top of that there's not a single shmoo whom i can think of that is stuck up or snobbish or an asshat. they're all out of this world yet down to earth." sorry that i didn't get more than a few scattered free minutes to hang with you guys. ah well, there's always the next time in D.C.

      Thorn, Q, converge, Z, mouse, render, grey, eric, DaKahuna, grifter et. al., and other other members of "team everyone" - man, the mystery box challenge was out of this world. nearly all of us had other things going on and yet somehow we still made time to participate in this contest. like last year, i fear my contributions weren't nearly as much as what others gave... but i still had fun.

      Lost - mystery box was amazing, but let's not forget that future event which may still blow everybody away. conversation on that soon, i say.

      skoot - 0wn the box was a terrific idea. i was pleased and surprised that my Win32 machines withstood the barrage. i will put them on the block again at DC16.

      my contest participants - the BBQ teams, anyone who tried guessing flesh, and the two kickass Beer Cooling engineering squads... i always get the most out of defcon when i'm running a contest or event, and they would all be for nothing without terrific folk like you all who show up and bring the awesome. special thanks also to Russ for helping to make the contests all happen each year. it's a pleasure working with you.

      Noid, Thorn, Jur1st, & Mouse - my fellow Boomstick-Fu panelists, you were a terrific resource. i hope you had as much fun with the talk as i did. seemed like we got a really good response. while i don't anticipate it being an annual feature of defcon, maybe we can roll something similar into the Physical Security village in future years as a mini-talk and advice session.

      last but not least...

      che, londo, freshman, and the numerous other hottie fellas who this year seemed to have their own women as permanent fixtures next to them - your decision to go the whole "commitment" route left additional women free for the rest of us. i can't speak for everybody, but a lot of the folks who i talked to agreed with me that defcon sex was at a particular decent level this year. having some of the fine looking men spoken for could have been a factor that caused the women to set their sights down one notch... the rest of us thank you for that.

      Penn & Teller - you mentioned DefCon during your show and even invited me up on stage to verify the functionality of your firearms in your closing trick. then you signed/defiled a bible for me in the meet & greet session afterwards... you kick ass!

      sorrys go to...

      jackalope, regenerator, and the other DJ acts - i didn't get to the B&W balls at all this year. i hope that some recordings of the sets exist and that i get to hear them. special apologies to Jackalope... you're one of my favorite people at defcon and i think you even brought stalking you on myspace for me this year, so sad i missed out.

      notebook guy - i never even got your name, but i did feel bad about your lost yellow pad. in my defense, all i asked for was a sheet of paper, not a whole notepad... plus i pleaded for others to remember and keep track of the pad's owner since i had no hope of doing so. i really do feel sorry, and hope you got it back... but geez, you couldn't have just said "hey, i'm gonna head back inside... can i get my pad back?" or something?

      all my friends for whom i had too little time - i wanted to spend time with everyone (and i think i had fewer sleeping hours at this con than any previous one... and i actually attended no talks besides my own, breaking my own record set back at DC10) but i still felt like i should have shared more moments with everyone. ah well... there's always next year!

      sorry to anyone i'm forgetting, i'll likely edit this later when my brain is back at 100% capacity.
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        Re: Shout Outs!

        There are just too many awesome people who I met or hung out with this year to remember it all and put it here - sorry if i've forgotten about you - the contests and parties kicked ass, and everything just rocked.

        to team Everyone: you all rock. WOW for how talented you all are, and i think i didn't catch all of your names, but i hope to see you all next year if not at other cons, and i'm definitely hitting the books to read up on crypto in the least.

        to the guys running the mystery box contest: holy shit you blew my mind - i'm telling all my buddies back a home and they can't believe that anyone would put together such a contest let alone that anyone could solve it!!

        to the guys holding down the fort at the wireless village: it was positively hopping in there the whole time and thanks for the help on formating my drive and letting me hang around and for the push to join the rfid contest. here's hoping you get 2 rooms next year!

        lockpick village: home away from home for that first day on the mystery box, but still rocking for being the lockpick village too!! here's hoping for more room for you guys too because even last year you ran out of room.

        my rfid contest mate: mfreak was it? you rock. we win!!

        the parties i went to: holy shit, that was the music of my soul.

        random party sunday night: marshmallow wars - oh hell yeah, i haven't laughed that hard in a good long time. too bad i was busy being sad about having to leave in the morning

        the guys manning the dunktank: that was fucking awesome. i'm signing up for next year too...and i still seem to have bruised vertebrae, which is how i know it was a good con!

        to everyone i've just forgotten: me and we'll make up


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          Re: Shout Outs!

          This year I didnt get out and socialize as much as I usually do ( I was a bit sick got home to a fever of 101.2 ) But I still had an awesome time!

          Mee: For picking me up at the airport and letting val and I park our stuff at your kickin rad room
          Val: For all the talk and the lunch
          IsrealT: The badge was definatly awesome, I owe you tons of beers next year
          Doll: For hangin out on friday night/sat morning and putting up with my one night of insanity
          Thecaptain: I swear you had some kind of tracking device on me, everywhere Id go, you'd show up
          Flea: Thanks for offering to kick my ass if ya saw me drinkin
          Queeg: ditto, missed ya on sunday though
          Justine: was great meetin ya, totally wish I woulda gotten your infos though
          Craig: Thanks for dinner!
          Whitesword: thanks for the drink, I was stoked we could getcha a badge
          Teklord: Thanks for hanging out, and we're gettin you spinnaz on a rascal next year !
          Dataworm: great talk on sunday, I totally agree !
          Siviak: great party, cant wait to see yall again next year !
          That cool bartender guy in the skybox with the weird accent: You rock !
          Jackalope: Great seein ya, lets go out for coffee sometime
          h3adrush: thanks for the awesome chedderwurst

          Im sure I forgot tons of people, And Im so sorry, just msg me and refresh my memory and Ill update this list.
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            Re: Shout Outs!

            Deviant Ollam--whether its the Lockpick Village, your talks, your contests, the Traveling Terrabyte seem to be everywhere at the same time. Once again I didn't get to hang out with you as much as I had hoped. You exemplify all that is good and right about the hacker community. 'Nuff said.

            TheCotMan--from the minute I arrived at the TBBQ, you handed me that cold Guiness and I immediately felt at home. Having only known you from the forums, it was great to finally meet you in person.

            Siviak--thanks for introducing yourself at the TBBQ! It's great to finally be able to put a face with a name. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

            Hackajar--What a great night at the Summit, and what better way then to help earn some money for the folks at the EFF and THF. Keep up the great work from the Vegas 2.0 folks.

            Roamer--It was great to finally meet you. Thanks for stopping by the Wireless Village on Sunday afternoon.

            Bruce & Al Potter--thank you so much for coming up to the Wireless Village panel on Sunday. The talk was enlightening and served as a great capstone to the entire weekend.

            ASTcell--Keep the TTB moving! More miles are always better.

            HighWiz--great to see you again and look forward to seeing you in DC next March.

            Grifter--thanks for giving us a chance with the Skybox for the Wireless Village!

            Jur1st, Grendel, and everyone else I finally got to meet in person--it was great meeting you!

            Everyone else I didn't get to meet in person--sorry...maybe next year!

            LosT--the time and effort you put into the Mystery Box Challenge certainly does not go unnoticed. I think of your contest as the ultimate reflection of everything about DEF CON. Keep up the great work, we look forward to tackling anything you throw at us!

            Teams Nostromo and Sulaco--what happened to the master plan?! ;-)

            All the members of "Team Everyone"--it was great working with you. You really should have gone to bed Friday night when LosT told you too! ;-)

            DT--your team was always professional which is usually a reflection of the leadership. Thanks for making my first DEF CON an experience to remember.

            DJ Jackalope--I passed you several times but never did get the chance to say hello...sorry! Maybe Shmoocon next year?

            Dutch? Where are you?

            For anyone I missed, please forgive me.

            Last but certainly not least...

            Thorn, RenderMan, Rick, c0nverge, DaKahuna, Squidly1 and everyone else who made the Wireless Village happen--you guys rock. Between the Wireless Village and the Lockpick Village, Skyboxes 208 and 209 were packed the entire weekend (more space for both, please?) You guys made my first DEF CON an unforgettable experience. Time to start planning for next year... ;-)


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              Re: Shout Outs!

              Originally posted by theprez98 View Post
              DJ Jackalope--I passed you several times but never did get the chance to say hello...sorry! Maybe Shmoocon next year?
              Oh man, I was looking for you, too! I will try for Shmoocon!
              DJ Jackalope
              dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

              send in the drop bears!


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                Re: Shout Outs!

                Originally posted by Mcgruff View Post
                Siviak: great party, cant wait to see yall again next year !
                Let's not forget all the awesome people who made the party happen. Apart from Siv there was Amber, Dallas, Wes, Aggona, IceTre, Niki, Kallahar, Joker, ASTCell, Arclight and of course myself, or as they are better known, The Aristocrats.

                It was an honor to work with such a great team.
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                  Re: Shout Outs!

                  As always, an incredibly awesome time:

                  DT, staff, speakers and goons: I don't know what to say, so I will just say thank you. Again, you made this geeks life worth living for that week in Las Vegas. And I do know how much you give up for it.

                  Deviant Ollam: I cannot express to you how very grateful I am to you and your team for giving this little wanderer a bit of space in the Lockpick Village. And I cannot express to you how grateful I am for your hugs. I think our energy comes from the same source. I have grand plans for next year, due to your kindness to the Enigma team. Thank you.

                  The H-Pimps: we always throw an awesome party. Thanks for your support. It meant a lot to me. I am looking forward to our schemes for next year.

                  ASTCell: who could be a better friend? I am keeping 666 for a while, but I know you won't mind. And yes, I am planning that trip to Bletchley Park. :-)

                  Meee: Thank you again for being a good friend.

                  Gruffy: It was great seeing you and talking with you. Keep it going on girl!

                  CotMan: /me prances. It was great talking with you. I hope to talk with you again.

                  Josh and Josh2: Welcome aboard the good ship DefCon Josh! I hope you had an awesome time! Josh2, please seriously consider what I said to you on Sunday. And thanks for playing the Enigma Challenge. Keep in touch.

                  ndex: thank you. You helped make a strange situation all right. Goddess blessings.

                  To all who played the Enigma Challenge: Thank you so much for coming and playing with our toys. They are fun, aren't they? We will have a mechanical one next year. Come out and play again!

                  The two guys I got into that conversation with on Saturday morning: The answer is 42.

                  To the ElevatorCon team: thanks. You made me laugh. Really.

                  Lopey: I wish I could have spent more time with you. Your music gives me much joy and you make me feel very special. I wish you much happiness.

                  Cygnus, Sysmin, Marklar, Gene: You's my guys! Thanks much for the chats.

                  Renderman and Grey: Wanted to hang out with you much more. I hope to do that at the next conference we are at.

                  Converge and Mfreeck: It was so good to see the both of you. I will look you up when I am in Seattle.

                  CJ and company: thanks for the chat. You have given me a different perspective on a few things.


                  The three guys who accosted me in the parking lot. You won't die. You will just get depressed, lose your jobs and get all emo. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

                  Every geek who failed to tip the bell people for watching out for our gear. Certainly you can give a buck to someone who watches over your tech?

                  All the elitist crap I saw this weekend. It gets tiresome people.

                  Sapere Aude



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                    Re: Shout Outs!

                    Originally posted by Z^2 View Post
                    random party sunday night: marshmallow wars - oh hell yeah, i haven't laughed that hard in a good long time. too bad i was busy being sad about having to leave in the morning
                    That was so much fun... it only took 30 min to scrub out the marshmallow stains, but totally worth it. Luckily I have an awesome g/f :D

                    Hows about we do that again, the officially not-defcon-aftercon-marshmallow war! No score, only pwnage Stay Puft Marshmallow Man style?
                    In a world without walls, who needs Windows?


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                      Re: Shout Outs!

                      FoF goers - awesome friends and even better people IRL!

                      Bunnies For Priest - dig the glasses and ears, love the cult.

                      Funny thing about post-con on Monday morning. Although (myself included) looked and/or felt like one of those little empty cicada shells, being simply husks of their former selves, folks always have a nice thing or two to say on their way out whether they know you or not. It was easy to identify DC folks from the sea of frat-geeks that flocked to the Riv after we had our way with it. Glad they weren't there over the weekend - a bunch of non-conformists mixed with a bunch of hyper-conformists = not good.

                      Anyway - another great con enters the history books.



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                        Re: Shout Outs!

                        Lets See --

                        Ok ALL the ARISTOCRATS, you know who you are.

                        Vegas 2.0 - You know who you are..

                        All your n00bs who I worked to get give a full bar to outside the Ninja and other parties...


                        Everyone else...

                        Another awesom penthouse party.


                        - Dallas
                        +++ Dallas +++


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                          Re: Shout Outs!

                          This was my first Defcon, I'm glad the time and money finally lined up to accommodate!

                          First, thanks to DT and Russ and all the folks who put this together. The work and stress can be a pain int he ass. It is appreciated.

                          LosT - Thanks for not letting me hide in the hotel room all weekend and for introducing me to some great people. And thanks for letting me sleep in my own bed all weekend!

                          Mouse - You are awesome, thanks for the conversations, the nagging and the almonds:)

                          Grey - thanks for spending time working on puzzles with me

                          Render - for hanging out and letting me use you picks to pick my first lock evaar!

                          Deviant and Mark (I hope it's mark, if not matt - god I'm awful with names) - for letting me go with you to Penn & Tellar - that was very cool of you guys, and an excellent show.

                          Eric - damn you are a spaz, and a whole lot of fun:)

                          UAT students - for taking over watching the Mystery Challenge booth for a bit so I could watch a panel and hang out a while.

                          All of the contestants in the LosT @ Con mystery challenge - I had a lot of fun seeing how your minds worked through the problems.

                          Marshmallow war party - My ribs and stomach were sore for two days from laughing so hard.

                          Steve, Jesus, Meee, Z and a whole slew of other folks whose names I am drawing a blank on - thanks for a great weekend, and can't wait to do it again next year!
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                            Re: Shout Outs!

                            apologies in advance for anyone I forget - there were so many great people I hung out with and I have the memory of a drunken hamster.

                            cotman and boombox: Thanks for not only letting me room with you guys, but let me hang out and tag along with yas. A good con starts in your room and I had a blast.

                            DT, Goons, et all: Holy crap, I can't believe how smoothly this con went. I am sure there were lots of barely-averted disasters and some not-so-averted debacles, but the talks started on time and in the right room (except one which was switched which was in the wrong room in the first place, imho). No being locked into our rooms on sunday, no wondering where/when that talk actually is and how to find out - the q&a rooms and monitors in the hallway displaying just the right amount of info was brilliant. Tracks were labelled well. I lost track1 for the greater part of a day, but I found it before the one I really wanted to see.

                            TBBQ: Another great bbq! I do regret missing out on the food run. I think there could have been better communication in deciding not to do a public food run as some folks were banking on it. i also regret not hanging around to help package up the Goon Grub again this year, but decided it would be more valuable to not add to the head count when the police came back around. Oh, and to whoever brought the chicken, additional thank yous! Once again the bbq masters did a wonderful job.

                            Hackerpimps, Ninjas: Great parties! I'd say more if I remembered more. Thanks to the dudes I dragged downstairs to play wii with, thanks for the good conversations all. Larry, thanks for the help in liberating a certain someone from the ninja party. Entr0py, thanks for the escort to the bathroom so i could get back into the ninja party. Mixitup, thanks for the hallway bar. Your bug juice was both well mixed and the strength a mixed drink oughta be.

                            Riv staff: I don't know much about what you did, which indicates you did a good job. Things seemed far more relaxed this year - you didn't seem to be waiting for us to set the place on fire.

                            LVPD: thanks for being reasonable at TBBQ

                            anonymous people: thanks for making con possible. I truly had a blast this year. It seems I finally got that stick out of my ass that I had last year.

                            valkyrie: thanks for the great conversation and all the hanging out! It was great seeing you and you really do seem better than when I last remember seeing you.

                            meee: thanks for the transportation, hackerpimps, and all you did for me this con. I am glad we at least got to hang out some on monday. Sorry I was busy being in a coma for your dinner party.

                            grey frequency: sorry i did not get that chocolate to you! I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out more, but shit happens. I'll be seeing you again.

                            m33p: yay! It was great seeing you again. Sorry I flaked on STE, but I'm glad we got to hang out a bit.

                            prez98: I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out and I'm also sorry I missed your talk.

                            Thorn: I completely randomly stumbled into the rfid breakout and had no intention of doing the contest. I didn't take one of the kits, because I didn't want to take away from the folks who wanted in on the contest, then I saw a female sitting all alone assembling the reader. I thought I'd go help touch the hardware, then let her do the contest - until I found out what the contest was. I had a fucking blast. Thanks for giving me an excuse to touch so many boys (and to freak out many/observe social reactions) and to see what rfid does and does not do. I am still wondering what F0000F000 is.

                            z^2: you were a great teammate and I'm sorry I left you all alone on stage!

                            Evil: I promise to recognize you next time I see you! Seriously, you look so different with make up on. I have a habit of not recognizing half++ people at con, and you proved the rule. Thanks for being a good sport and it was great to run into you.

                            Lost: I guess we're still trying to catch up on that Pho. I'll have to keep coming to con until we get a chance to hang out over a meal. Great job on the contest, but don't forget to save a little con for yourself to have some fun!

                            Thanks for the folks conveying their condolences. It was appreciated. Life cycles as it should.

                            converge: thanks for giving me an opportunity to hang out with you occasionally, despite your being ridiculously busy. I am glad we got to spend some quality time and touch base in between.

                            Australian dudes on Monday: thanks for sharing your thoughts on the US with us. It is always interesting to look through someone else's eyes.

                            Hackerspace: thanks for letting me come in and play the wii. I confess I otherwise felt a bit intimidated by the space, since I don't identify as a "hacker." Otoh, one of the times I went in there, there were some females, so that's good.

                            Joe Grand: damn, I cruised by the table several times and missed the badge hacking stuff. By the time I found it, it was gone. Sorry I didn't get a chance to tinker. The badge rocked *10 this year!

                            AlxRogan, Noid, Renderman, DigitalEbola, Roamer, etc, etc: Sorry we didn't get to hang out more. No worries, we'll see each other again. (Some sooner than others!)

                            Everyone: thanks for not being offended when I could not put a name with the face. It doesn't mean you're not special, it means I am trying to do facial recognition on a P200 with 32mb of ram and a vintage webcam.

                            MS asian juggler who sings irish drinking songs: please stop calling me by my former nick turned legal name, it's not cool. I have run into you every single con and now it's getting creepy.

                            fuck you: to the neighbor who tried to have my car towed during the con and to the city for being unreasonable about street parking.
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                              Re: Shout Outs!

                              Overall, my favorite Defcon ever. My list of shoutouts is actually pretty small this year, and for the first time ever, my list of 'Fuck You's is even smaller.

                              Thank You's:
                              All of the goons. Everyone did a great job, be they security, speaker, dispatch or NOC folks.

                              Special thanks to flea for stepping up to the day shift lead position. I was actually approached by DT, Zac, and the hotel so they could tell me about the fantastic job you did.

                              Priest: For being Priest

                              TBBQ Folks: As usual, you kept the goons fed and happy, and with 300% less mustard than previous years.

                              Dateline NBC: For the internet tube sized bucket of lolz

                              Deviant, Mouse, Thorn, and Jurist: For being on a fantastic panel. I was a bit aprehensive when I first walked in that room, but overall I couldnt have been happier.

                              Riveria Security: Always a pleasure to work with all of you. Good luck to Don on his future endevors. Doug, I'll keep an ear out for you on the HAM

                              Doolittle: You did a fantastic job on dispatch, glad to have you on board

                              H3adrush, Vect0rX, and Vidiot: Thanks for hearing about all the stories from the other goons and volunteering anyways

                              Polish Dave: Danke fur die Roth-Handel cigaretten, sie macht mir sehr froilich

                              Maximus: Great seeing you again, glad to have you on staff

                              Ultima: Good to have you on board, and thanks for being a good sport*

                              Siviak, Abby, and the penthouse crew: Thanks for providing a nice hangout away from the con, it was good to relax for a few. I very much appricated and enjoyed the shrine that was set up for Ryan OnTheRun. The day he was told he had terminal cancer he looked at me and said 'Fuck, guess I wont be going to Defcon'. It was nice to see that he did make it, one way or another.

                              The attendees: Thanks for being so well behaved

                              Now on to the Fuck Yous:

                              The attendees: Couldn't a few of you caused trouble, we were bored

                              Toilet Boy: Next time you tell me that I'm just a volunteer with no authority, you'll get to see how quickly I can ruin your weekend

                              The pack of Russian hackers: Not sure what flys in your country, but calling people niggers and jews certainly doesnt here. You're guests in my country, remember that.

                              Myself: For not hanging out more with my non-goon friends. I had looked forward to kicking back with ThePrez, Jefe, Mfreeck, and others. I guess you folks will have to come up and visit.

                              *One of the Hacker Pimps, skydog, is also a goon. On Friday night he had to bounce a rowdy attendee out of his party. Saturday, the rowdy attendee (Ultima) ended up being on our security staff, I guess we figured we liked the cut of his jib. There was some razzing in the staff room, but Ultima took it all in stride. I didnt know black people could blush.
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                              I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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                                Re: Shout Outs!

                                Originally posted by noid View Post
                                On Friday night he had to bounce a rowdy attendee out of [the hacker pimps] party.
                                was this the dude who was refusing to get down off the stripper's performance table or someone else? just curious.
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