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contest results - Beer Cooling Contraption Contest

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  • contest results - Beer Cooling Contraption Contest

    so we only had two participants this year in the Beer Cooling event, but both of them worked with dedication and energy to help our alcohol combat the las vegas heat.

    Team Hebrew utilized a beer-bong style funnel and hose system, routing the plastic hose coils through an isopropyl alcohol & dry ice bath. their best run involved dropping a beer from 93° to 37.4° in a minute's time.

    Team Beer-Fu again used the isopropyl compound that Renderman pioneered back in the very first BCCC event. they dropped a beer from 91° to 35.8° in a minute and five seconds. while this degree of cooling was almost eight onehundredths of a degree per second slower than Team Hebrew, their contraption worked flawlessly and had no spill or line freeze... problems encountered by their competitors. hence, Beer-Fu garnered the official win.

    both teams said they'd be back again next year, however, so i can't wait to see what people bring with them. you supply the inginuity, i'll supply the brews, and sin city supplies the heat... all that adds up to good, clean hacker fun and a kickass way to jump start defcon.

    come and join the fun next time around!
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