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Event: Boozecon 2008

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  • Event: Boozecon 2008

    I'd like to say sorry if it seems like I dropped off the face of the earth for awhile but i'm back now and working on BC08 . We're determined to make this happen next year so we've already started planning for this and working on this project. It seems like right now we might have a little trouble getting this event off the ground due to the Rivera but we're working on this already. What we would like from you right now is to see a group of you who are willing to volunteer to help out with BoozeCon. If you're willing to help out with time and donations of alcohol post your name on here. In the next 2-3 months you will be hearing more about BC08 as it starts to happen.

    Boozecon: The ultimate event where you get to try out multiple types of alcohol that you probably haven't had the chance before; we're planning on having a variety of concoctions from around the world . An event where you can mingle with your fellow DC goers and enjoy some drinks. You are to drink responsibly. For your own personal safety and ours you will be signing an agreement form.
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    Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

    drinking.... but with ground rules. add that signed agreement into the mix and it sounds like one winner of an idea. total home run for a convention of privacy fanatics who all enjoy subverting authority.

    sorry if i'm repeating another's comments... but how does BoozeCon != DefCon ?
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      Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

      heh im down


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        Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

        as I bring booze every year, I'd be down
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          Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

          I have to echo Deviants comments, just in my usual abrupt and to the point manner... This is a really really stupid idea. This isn't a flame, it's a criticism. I hope that if it does go forward the Riviera comes down on this idea very very hard. Most people drink at DefCon, that's a given, but this "event" (And I use the term very loosely) has not value what-so-ever. I also foresee the possibility of this gathering getting out of hand and being an excuse to close other events.

          I've heard some idea's for bad events at DefCon, but I don't recall hearing any as fucking retarded as this one.
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            Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

            So…What’s the point, is everyone just supposed to bring booze, and then drink it?
            Are there any contests for this, or do we just drink?

            As for the signing of a waver, I don’t think people will be comfortable with this. I know I won’t be, I also suppose that to confirm what people write, you’re going to be forced to check IDs. Amiclose? And we’re just going to trust you, and whoever might be looking over you shoulder with that information.

            Why don’t you just throw a big B.Y.O.B. party in your room. That way you won’t get Defcon into trouble, there are no wavers to be signed, and you have more control over who you let in? To advertise just leave flyers all over the place, like everybody else.
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              Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

              If the intent is to provide a large range of alchoholic beverages that most people probably haven't had the chance to try before, cool.

              If the intent is to get trashed at DEFCON in an organized, waiver-signing fashion, lame.

              Could be merit, but maybe just a "drink exchange" where people on the forums agree to bring unique booze with the intent of swapping bottle for bottle here and there would be more the ticket. Booze Swap?


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                Re: Event: Boozecon 2008

                *So…What’s the point, is everyone just supposed to bring booze, and then drink it?
                Are there any contests for this, or do we just drink?*

                Cmon, if Boozy Boozborne is there they/we'll all have a great time!

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