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  • DEF CON 30 COVID-19 Policy (so far)

    DEF CON 30 is getting closer, and that means we’re starting to get questions about Covid-19 protocols for the in-person event. Here’s the current state of play.

    Some things have changed since DC29. The US has largely stopped checking vaccine status for entry to indoor events, owing...
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  • The Dark Tangent
    started a blog post COVID-19 vs. DEF CON v2

    COVID-19 vs. DEF CON v2

    In my previous blog post, COVID-19 vs. DEF CON, I said if there were updates before June 1st I would post again. There are updates. 😎

    When I created that blog entry I declared June 1st as our deadline to decide if DEF CON 28 will happen in Las Vegas this year or not. To be as transparent...
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  • Urgent!! Social distancing COVID-19

    Dear Defcon Members,
    I use to love the quote "don't waste the hours of daylight to what you can do at night". With the years, and > 1000 24h/36h shifts as anesthesiologist and emergency physician later, I try to live an ascetic life or structured as you will, where sleep, healthy...
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  • The Dark Tangent
    started a blog post COVID-19 vs. DEF CON

    COVID-19 vs. DEF CON

    I've been observing, in great detail, the progression of the coronavirus around the world. It caused us to postpone DEF CON China 2.0 at the end of January and now people are wondering if we will have to cancel DEF CON 28 in Las Vegas. Here are my thoughts and generalizations, round numbers, and guesstimates:...
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