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  • Night of the Ninjas Costume Contest Aug 13th

    Night of the Ninjas – Contest for Prizes!

    DEF CON Arts & Entertainment Presents: Night of the Ninjas featuring TAIKOPROJECT

    Join us Saturday night (Aug 13) at the Forum for an experience never seen at a hacker con! Treat yourself to a performance of modern taiko...
    August 13, 2022
    August 14, 2022
    Chillout Ballroom
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  • p0lr
    started a topic Badge Props

    Badge Props

    Props to Joe Grand on a great badge design this year. In case you didn't notice, it's basically a freescale development environment in the shape of a badge. You can reprogram at will and flash it back to the original code (included on the DEFCON CD) if you want the original functionality back....
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  • 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Party Announcement

    All of us at Ninja Networks are happy to announce that the Ninja Party will be returning to DEFCON 18, with a new twist.

    Last year, we took the party off-site for the first time, and the experiment was a resounding success. The turnout was amazing, and it was far and away the best event...
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  • 2010 DEFCON 18 Ninja Badge Announcement

    It is with great pleasure that Ninja Networks announces the 2010 Ninja Badge and Event, made possible through generous contributions from our two partners, Facebook and Lookout Mobile Security.

    As we enter the final stretch of what is by far the most ambitious DEFCON effort in Ninja Networks...
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  • The 2009 Ninja Badge / Ninja Party

    (If you're just here looking for the Ninja Badge assembly video, it's here: )

    This post is broken into two sections - the party, and the story about building the badge, and how it very nearly didn't happen. If you're just looking for information on the badge, scroll...
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  • barkode
    started a topic Ninja Party / Caezar's Challenge 2009

    Ninja Party / Caezar's Challenge 2009

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of two time-honored and liver-damaging DEFCON events, the Ninja Party and Caezar's Challenge.

    We're introducing a few big new twists.

    After a year's hiatus due to unresolvable conflicts with the Riviera, both events...
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