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    So, I would imagine that many of you have had a day on a job once in a while when you're stuck in a TBD holding-pattern with not much else to do. Well, in my case, that usually means hours of time spent following chain upon chain of semi-jointed and linked topics amid google searches, wikipedia queries, and imdb browsing.

    Today, however, TBD seems to stand for thinkin' 'bout drinkin' and all of my random self-education has had an alcohol-related bent. Two pages that I came across seemed like the sort of thing that would really appeal to the rest of the folk here. They aren't likely to be particularly new, so perhaps you've come across one of these topics before. But here goes...

    Amazingly Simple Home Still
    This is a site that discusses construction and operation of a still with no moving parts, no difficult metal worms, water pumps, etc. It's a brilliant method that is beautiful in its simplicity (think: Renderman's BCCC entries... elegant simplicity on that level) and deserves some praise and appreciation. Since home-distillation of spirits is (if i recall things accurately from a previous thread) not allowed in the USA, such a page will only be of academic and scientific interest to members of the defcon community who are located here in the states. If anyone overseas wants to give this a shot, however, i'd love to see comments about the results. Looks madly easy.

    The Ultimate Jell-O Shot
    Now this is a site i've come across ( before... and I love the way that they approach sort of kooky everyday issues with a fun attitude but dedication to scientifically-disciplined experiments and writeups. Here they explore, using a bunch of very controlled trials, how to maximize the alcohol one can put in a Jell-O shot and still have it retain proper consistency. Inspiration for at-home experimentation at its finest.

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