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Any phone phreaks want to help a damsel in distress?

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  • Any phone phreaks want to help a damsel in distress?

    Hey all,

    So here's your chance to make a holiday wish come true for a lovely young woman if you have some war dialing skills. An associate of mine, Michelle, who has been to some DefCons and is a terrific person all-around was hoping to automate some of her work-related security scans. Apparently, she's been recently tasked with adding dialup numbers to the list of things she has to test.

    She'd really like to automate this process, but could use a hand tweaking some of her software settings. She's not looking for a handout of tech advice outright... she has a history with the right tools but hasn't used them in ages. I believe that she simply cannot recall all the details of working with Hayes modem commands.

    Not to knock my cred with the community down a peg, but i have to admit i'm not much help to her. When she txt'd me and asked what I knew about ToneLoc, all i could say was that i believed "Wild Thing" wasn't as good as song as "Funky Cold Medina."

    If you care to help, shoot her an email <--- spam-armored email link there, even if you can't see it.

    And, for those who have concerns, i can personally vouch for the fact that she's not in the "please hack for me" gimmick. She's .gov.
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