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Kevin Rubio's "Troops"... DVD quality

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  • Kevin Rubio's "Troops"... DVD quality

    Hey all... here's a holiday gift that i wish to bestow on the whole community.

    I would suspect that many of you are familiar with the 1997 satire film "Troops" which was made by Kevin Rubio. It has been a regular part of the DefCon Filler content for quite some time, and can be found here and there out on the tubes.

    The thing is, almost all copies that one can find (including the versions that have appeared in the filler) are horribly low-quality. Eventhough Rubio was working at 20th Century Fox at the time and the production values of the piece were very good, it's hard as hell to track down a good quality copy of this film since a commercial DVD was never released.

    There was, however, a DVD transfer that appeared on a promotional disc for some minor film magazine. I recently acquired a copy of that limited edition DVD (i thought i was buying a rare original of that disc, so i was a bit pissed that it was a mediocre copy) which isn't supreme quality... but certainly surpasses anything i've found on the 'net up until now.

    I had to do some serious remastering of the audio and video (the dickhead who is selling this with lies online didn't know shit about multimedia authoring) but the end result is pretty kickass... at least one order of magnitude better than the quicktime movies you can find online, that's for sure.

    An unexpected treat was the fact that the disc had director commentary from Rubio himself. I remastered that, too (again, the audio was shit and very low) and repacked the file into a single AVI with dual audio streams.

    To all those out there who would enjoy a higher quality transfer of this film (and to anyone who for some reason has never seen it) feel free to grab this torrent, download, and have fun. (and seed, of course, if you can for a while)

    Share and enjoy!
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    Re: Kevin Rubio's "Troops"... DVD quality

    Downloading and seeding


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      Re: Kevin Rubio's "Troops"... DVD quality

      Thank you Deviant Ollam, until now I didn't know of a best quality copy.
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