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  • life out west

    thinking of heading westward for a change of pace... any suggestions on area? I'm open to anywhere colorado and west for the most part, but have no clue what job availability is like, cost of living etc out that way

    re job: no big needs here, willing to flip burgers if its enough to get me by and out of the red til I find something better, but definately looking for an area that has the something better for me to eventually obtain...

    place: relatively inexpensive, but decent... mostly need a room with power and access to the usual necessities

    anyone looking for a geek-in-training roomate?
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.

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    Give Sacramento A thought

    Sacramento CA has a lot to offer.

    very nice..



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      I'm digging Colorado myself. Sacramento is out there in "nowhere"... hahah


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        ever hear of the KINGS

        yeah thats right..

        your jealous.. we get the best Cali has to offer, without the SNOW, or QUAKES, and we are only two hours from Reno, Tahoe, SF, Napa, Silcon Valley, etc... Damn good housing and pay as well. Weather nice all the time.

        come to think about it.. do not come to Sac.. its nice like it is.. we do not need any more people..



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          yea colorado is pretty cool.


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            Seattle is nice...very pretty here, and it's right next to Redmond which is Microsofts headquarters...which is good if you like m$, but bad if youre into Linux,so I suppose its all prefrence

            Before you critisize someone, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, if he gets angry he'll be a mile away - and barefoot


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              I've lived near Sacramento... can't say I'd go back for more than a visit. There's quite a geek community in Denver, if you're looking for social structure. Of course, they seem to slowly be trickling down here to TX, but that's not west, and we don't need anymore yankees anyway. ;-)
              the fresh princess of 1338

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                near is not dear..

                I have been to a lot of places.. near and far from Sacramento.

                What do you consider 'near'? If you mean the bay area, or the SValley, those are very different places then Sac.

                There is a very well established Geek culture in Sac... for a long time.



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                  ya, I'm looking to find a decent geek community to hang around. One of the motives for moving out of Maine is its lack of. There are a few cool geeks scattered around the state, but for the most part this place is just a breeding ground for IT professionals and helpdesk support

                  actually, I hadn't ruled any area out yet- Texas, Ariz, Nev, Cali, and north of such... I just wanna stay away from the east and the mid, I've got plenty of that flavor
                  if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                    Re: near is not dear..

                    Originally posted by TechnoWeenie
                    What do you consider 'near'? If you mean the bay area, or the SValley, those are very different places then Sac.
                    No no... much closer than any of those. We were not quite an hour north, in the middle of nowhere, and spent most weekends in Sac with family. I didn't know enough geeks to get the geek culture perspective... I just didn't like the city as a whole. Overpriced with underpaid labor, and nothing to really justify it. It's horrid to drive through there, because it seems city planners intended to limit city size by plotting roads like a small town. In other words, four lefts will NEVER get you back where you started! I had a lot of fun there, since my cousin bartends at a nice little dive, but I'd never live there. Just my $.02!
                    the fresh princess of 1338

                    What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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                      a nice dive..

                      wich one? I love dive bars.. shoot pool in many of them..

                      Sacramento is not for everyone... But as far as living out west.. it is a very good place to be.



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                        everybody should move to TX.

                        Colorado is Evil! We slaughter immigrants by the truckload.

                        Stay away from Colorado.


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                          I travel a lot, I can see why you don't like maine. I've been across the country, though I haven't been to california yet ;) . From what I've seen so far I would also suggest Colorado.


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                            The other Portland!

                            Geeks are alive and well in the (sometimes) sunny City of Roses!

                            We have quite the high conecntration of geekiness but on a more serious note..the tech job market here in Portland stinks right now.

                            I work in telecommunications (for a CLEC that will remain nameless) and am really happy that with such a crappy job market that I have a pretty good paying job.

                            If you really dont mind flipping burgers (or working for Stream) come on out.



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                              Fuck Stream. I used to work for a company that sublet its non-corporate-customer tech support to those wankers, and they were the most clueless bunch of morons - at least in management - that I've ever had to deal with.

                              "You're calling from what company? Do we even handle support for you? Huh? What videoconference? No, we didn't have a videoconference last week, you must have us confused with someone else..."