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    Hey, can anyone tell me if anybody can acces to defcon or i have to prove something???

    and if i can, how much is it???
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    Defcon is a convention which is open for the public. It is not a trade show, and it does not have an age limit. There is a small fee of $75 in order to get on the convention floor (to buy a pass). This is a nominal fee compared to other computer security conventions, such as black hat. You do not have to prove yourself, because this is not some secret society or cult. This is a computer security (hacking) convention, in Las Vegas. Defcon offers presentations (by computer security experts), many events (such as network CTF, coffee wars, hacker jeopardy, TCP/IP Drinking game), a vendor area (where you can buy cool stuff), and a place to meet people like yourself. I suggest checking Defcon’s website ( for more information.