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  • Coke Cola

    I found out that you can get 2 cokes for the price of one, you just put a buck, and press two buttons, either at the same time, or really fast one after another, i don't know if this is something new or what...
    I think, therefore i exist.

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    and all this time i thought the coke machine was just broken! :D

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      um... i think you have a broken machine.
      "I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth."


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        nope simon

        No simon, because in that case, i'd have like 20 broken machines...
        I think, therefore i exist.


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          I have to agree with Simon. “Broken” can mean a wide variety of things. Perhaps the unit has been designed with a physical flaw, which allows this to happen. Perhaps the electronics of the unit have been designed poorly. Since this can be duplicated in all the units in your vicinity, it is probably one of the two issues. The manufacturer did not take into account the scenario of hoodlums pressing random buttons. In other vending machines, it is obvious that this “exploit” does not work. They clearly acknowledged the exploit from the past, and fixed it.
          Bottom line: Your vending machines are either old, or made by idiots.


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            Nulltone, i agree with the part of made by idiots..., since i have tried it in various models, always been in coke cola machines...
            of course, they will or maybe have fixed the problem...
            I think, therefore i exist.


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              Pepsi machine

              There was a pepsi machine in my dorm last year which would do a similar thing. It would give you a free Pepsi One if you pressed the button quickly after your first selection. It only worked with pepsi one though.


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                Now that I think about it we had some coke machines at my old high school that gave out free drinks. We stuck our hands up them and took them. It got so bad that all the machines were empty. Then they put caging around them (more so). So people broke the caging...

                Then a kid named Dean got his arm stuck in one of the machines in our gym. The fire dept had to come and cut the machine apart with the "jaws of life" heh!#@

                He was the laffing stock of the town, news papers throughout the state (maybe others too), and Jay Leno even joked about it on his show.

                Can anyone figure out wich HS I went to now?

                "I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth."


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                  I remember when the dollar bill slots first came out, you could mist them with warm water from a spray bottle, and it would credit you with $1.

                  We also had a machine at our local pool that you could put in change for one soda, and hit the button really fast, and it would dispense 3-4 cans.
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