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Alexis Park 60% sold out

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  • Alexis Park 60% sold out

    as of tonight, April 12th, Mike the reservation agent for Alexis Park informed me taht they are currently 60% booked.

    So for those that need a place, you are good to go, however its interesting to note that i think it was around this time last year that they were booked solid.

    I wonder if there will be a lower turn out this year.

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    Very interesting...
    I expect a slightly lower turnout this year, due to the increased price (lower turnout is not a bad thing...)
    And I forsee alot of people randomly going to DC10, last minute.


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      break even

      I think we'll break even with last year's attendence. The cost increase might lose some folks, but the fact that this is the 10th year of DefCon will surely bring in some extra folks.


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        Thats true...
        Maybe we'll see some techies, which skipped DC 9, show up at DC10, because of better speech content.


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          Realize that this time of year last year put us much closer to the con than it does this year.



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            Also remember that the Alexis had a registration freeze for DC attendees a while back, and there has been a lot of confusion since then, so that may have kept some people from registering. Moral of the story - don't wait much longer!
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