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    Ok..I'm now updating the DCX planning page as well as the initial announcement. I'm trying to build a list of URLs for the different car caravans. I have addys for DeathRace2k and the bay area folks, but I know there a lot more than that. I have a found a few online that havent been updated since last year, so I am not sure wether to link to them or not (i.e. the Seattle Caravan page and the San Diego Caravan page). So, if you are in charge of a caravan in your area, send me the URL for your site. Thanks

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    Don't forget about the Cannonball Run. I dont have the link...but that is sortof a caravan.


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      If you are doing / want to do a caravan, will set up a message board for your caravan. To take advantage of this, you'll need:

      - A battle plan
      - A site hosting the battle plan
      - A working method of contact

      Check out dr2k for ideas on how to draw these things up, and let us know if we can be of help.


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        801 Roadtrip

        The DCX 801 Roadtrip Planning Page is up at
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