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2008 status of dc585

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  • 2008 status of dc585

    I wanted to post a quick status, since we've been in hibernation for not quite a year now. The good news is, spring has come to 585, so it's time to wake our asses up and get going again.

    The bad news however is that it has been determined pretty much by all that the location we'd been using for our meetings sucks much balls. So, we're looking for a new location to meet in.

    I'm not sure we'll be able to find a place before the month is over, so probably May will be the first meeting for 2008, unless someone has some ideas (or better, space we can use).

    That said, we've got some (we think) fun ideas for upcoming meets:

    . Analysing Malware
    . Wireless Mesh network fun
    . RAT-tat-touille (using Shark 3.1 to pwn your friends)
    . Metasploit HOWTO
    . Hot Honeynet Action