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minors going to Defcon

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  • minors going to Defcon

    I'm 16 and found about Defcon through my friend (he is hacker). He told me all about Defcon( where it is, what you do). I really want to go.
    What do I do????
    How much is it to get in?

    P.S. I'm really into computers. ( I like the chalange of breaking into them.)

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    DefCon for Minors

    1) DefCon rocks
    2) Hacking into other peoples computers is illegal
    3) Hacking into other peoples computers is fun
    4) DefCon doesn't have an age limit (hell, we had a stroller 2 years ago)
    5) Learning to hack takes personal investment
    6) Learning to hack is fun
    7) Lots of people do stupid shit at DefCon (Don't end up a statistic, use your head)
    8) You'll learn more about what you want to learn if you're just cool and hang out and talk to people.
    9) Respect the goons. Most of them have been doing this for years and consistently take shit from people who dont understand the effort involved in making this happen year after year.
    10) You get OUT of DefCon whatever you put INTO DefCon.

    Aside from all that, you're going to have a blast. Have fun, but be smart while you do it. It's a totally relaxed atmosphere and most people dont care what you do, but you can ruin a perfectly good time pretty quick.