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    Here is another idea that i am rooling arround in my head. I dont know how to make it into a contest but who knows with the right input it just might be. So i really have started looking into buildings that can withstand being buried and other things. So i found a site called They make the dome homes that you all have seen on the discovery channel. I really looked into this site and about every three months or so they have a dome con where for the huge price of $1,200 you can build your own dome. I really thought about going. They also have a squar foot caculator use to predict the cost. So for a 2,000 sq house they estimated arround $200,000. Kind of scarry since the meterial for a house that size would only be about $8,000. I have started to desgin these domes and other Eco home ideas. I really dont know how to trun this idea into a contest but hell it is worth a shot just to see what you all think.
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