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How to organize/announce special CTF contest

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  • How to organize/announce special CTF contest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm pretty new to DefCon - actually DefCon 16 will be my first to attend. I'm a 29 year old guy from Germany with his own operating system (see if you're interested - the site is in German, though). Along with it comes a shiny new HTTP server written from scratch, including all TCP/IP stuff and ethernet drivers (screenshots here: ).

    For DefCon 16, I'd like to organize/announce a special CTF contest where I let people try to hack my laptop with my operating system, TCP/IP and HTTP server running and some protected files to steal. Of course I'll bring some prizes for the winners (like a $100 coupon from Southwest or something).

    Is there a place at DefCon for this? What's the best way to organize/announce this? I'll arrive in Las Vegas just the day prior to DefCon (August 7th in the evening).

    Thanks, and cu@Vegas !

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    Re: How to organize/announce special CTF contest

    Sounds a bit out of scope for a full CTF (multiple teams attacking one laptop, really?), however, you could (and should) install your OS on a laptop for 0wnTheBox, as this would be a great way to test it.