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Announcing DEF CON 10! Part 1-2

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  • Announcing DEF CON 10! Part 1-2

    Initial Announcement: 05/01/2002

    We are proud to announce the 10th annual Def Con.

    The 10th anniversary of what has become the largest hacker
    convention on the planet! DEF CON 10 will be August 2nd to the 4th at the Alexis Park Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    [> What is DEF CON <]

    Defcon is a convention for the more "underground" elements of the computer culture. Defcon is geared towards hackers, programmers, phreaks, cyberpunks, cypherpunks, open source hackers, civil liberty and privacy advocates, HAMs, casual bystanders, lookieloos, feds,reporters, and anyone interested in seeing what's going on in the computer underground today.

    [> What's Happening <]

    Taking advantage of expanded meeting space this year, there will not only be three tracks of speaking, but two break out areas for small mini-classes on select topics.

    For complete up to the minute information visit The following is a brief overview of what to expect.

    [> Wireless Network <]

    At DC 9 we grew the coverage of the wireless network to cover most of the Alexis Park. We operate an 802.11b wireless network with a gateway to the net. It is a wide open network with no WEP security, assigning addresses by a DHCP server. Yes, people mess with the DHCP server, but all in all it works well.

    NEW for this year: DEF CON will continue to grow the network, as well as provide some dedicated servers for attendees to use. For example we will have a web/ftp server set up where people can upload pictures they have taken in order to share them with the rest of the con attendees. DEF CON will also have a limited amount of 802.11a access points for Really high speed access. While all this great bandwidth is limited by our net connection, it will be great for people on the local network to swap pictures and data.

    [> Call for Papers <]

    If you are interested in speaking at DEF CON TEN, please read this Call for Papers announcement and follow the directions to submit a talk.

    [> Speaking <]

    There will be three speaking areas and two break out areas for
    demonstration and classes. Speaking will start an hour or two later in the day than in previous years, and go an hour later into the evening. Look to the web site once speakers have been selected for the exact schedule and changes.

    [> Break Out Areas <]

    The two break out areas will hold around 150 people each, and will be used for specific demonstrations or talks that would not work well in the really large speaking areas. An example of a break out talk might be on how to modify your TiVO, where audience members would be walked through working on their own TiVO. Topics such as radio modification, killer robot building, chipping your PS2, etc. would all work well for the break out areas.

    [> Hotel Room Video <]

    We've gotten the bugs worked out of the hotel's broadcast system. This year we will be broadcasting 3 separate channels on the hotel's internal TV system. One channel will be playing movies, anime, and other kinds of entertainment. The other two will be used for broadcasting the speakers. This should help with the overcrowding that sometimes occurs, as well as allowing out attendees to relax in their rooms and not miss anything.

    [> Streaming Audio/Video <]

    Provided we have the bandwidth, we will be streaming all of the audio and video from the event. Hopefully, we can put up a few reflectors in different geographical area so that folks in all parts of the wired world will be able to tune in and see what's going on.


    [> Capture the Flag Contest <]

    An expanded version of the classic CTF contest, this year will feature more audience participation. There will be multiple IDS systems plugged into wall projectors reporting on what is happening, as well as some custom filters to keep track of what team is ahead. NEW for this year, with the help of the three time CTF winners, the Ghetto Hackers, this years contest will be all new and action oriented. has all the latest contest information.

    [> DJs <]

    There will be DJs again at DEF CON, but there will be no DJ room as in past years. Instead this year there will be more of a "cool out" lounge with DJs, chairs, and it will be more of a place to hang out. The party is nice for the Black and White ball on Saturday night, but in the mean time we want to provide that space for you to be able to hang out and work on whatever project you're working on so you can get out of the lobby or the hallways. We'll bring LAN access and wireless access into the room and make it a relaxing, yet constructive environment. There
    will be DJ action in the new lounge and in the CTF arena. If you are interested in playing a set at DEF CON, email to find out more and hit for more info.

    [> The Defcon Shoot <]

    The Defcon Shoot will be entering its 6th year. This year it will be
    hosted at the Boulder Nevada Rifle and Pistol Gun Club. Check out the Shoot website at or get on the mailing list by mailing with 'subscribe dcshoot' in the message body.

    [> Black and White Ball <]

    Despite the changes happening to the DJ area, the Black and White Ball will still be happening this year. Traditionally folks would dress up and we'd provide the entertainment, but over the years less and less people came in costume. This year we'd like to encourage folks to dress up for the event. Anything goes, you can play it straight and throw on your best outfit, or go completely sideways and wear your purple and silver zoot suit or dress up like one of the ghosts from Pac-Man. Don't let Bluknight be the only one running around in a rubber body suit.

    [> DEF CON TEN Logo Contest <]

    The Official DEF CON TEN logo contest is now open. Here are the rules, and what you could win:

    Submit your entries by email to Name your entries in the following format to help us add them on-line faster:
    dc-10-[your-handle]-[#].[jpg/gif/psd] where [your-handle] is your
    handle in lowercase with spaces replaced with dashes. [#] is replaced by a number representing the current logo you are submitting. [jpg/gif/psd] is either a jpeg, a gif, or a photoshop file, the three file formats accepted. For example, Net Ninja is submitting three jpeg logos. He would name the first one dc-10-net-ninja-1.jpg and the last one dc-10-net-ninja-3.jpg.

    Please set the resolution to be 24 bit color(for .jpg or .psd) and a
    maximum of 650x650. If you want to also submit for tee shirts as well we will need you art in photoshop (at a very high resolution) or illustrator formats.

    Submissions will be added on-line to the DEF CON web site, and cool logos will be printed in the con program. Really cool shirt logos will be used on a shirt design or two for the con. If your logo is selected for a shirt you will receive free admission for yourself and four people as well as five shirts of your choosing, plus bragging rights. We'll make sure your handle is on the shirt. Keep an eye on to see the most current submissions.
    PGP Key: