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  • Let's get things rolling.

    I'm hoping this section of the DC Forums will help bring others to know and love the world of cryptography. So if anyone has any suggestions on books, FAQs, primers, or even what you use for crypto and stego. Start a thread and share with the rest of us.
    .: Grifter :.

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    Two things to read if anyone out there is interested in crypto or interested in being interested in crypto (huh?!?):

    Applied Cryptography
    by Bruce Schneier
    see Counterpane Security

    Handbook of Applied Cryptography
    by Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone
    Complete text is available online in PDF format!
    see this page

    Hope that helps someone.....

    -The Stranger


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      Applied Cryptography is a pretty good book. Read it last year when i got into crypto.... i've also experimented with writing my own cypher-text programs as well as full on encryption programs. It's an interesting area of study, defiantely one that will take away the little sleep you already get!

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