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  • Spiderman: The Movie

    Has anyone seen it? Though I was never a crazy fan, I am sure the movie will dominate the box office for the next week. Anyone want to post their thoughts, after seeing the movie?

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    I saw the movie the first show on opening day(today) and thought it was perfect. Absolutely Perfect. I have been reading and collecting comics since I was about ten years old and Spider-Man has always been one of my favorites.

    While there were a few slight changes from the comics to the big screen I thought the movie was amazing. The directing, acting, and special effects were dead on.

    Tobey McGuire makes a great Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst was a perfect Mary Jane Watson. And I don't think anyone could have come close to the performance that Willem DaFoe gave as the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn. The casting was better than I would have expected.

    So coming from a fan. The only way this movie could have been better is if it had gone on for another two hours. There's so much to Spider-Man that can't be packed into 2hrs and 3mins. But rest assured, the sequels are coming. Both Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst have already signed on for Spider-Man II and III. Let's hope we see Venom in one of those.
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      I just saw it tonight, very awsome movie. Exactly how you would picture it after reading the comics.


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        ok, I'll talk now; I just got back from seeing it. i left and remain in slight awe. even taking into account the technology advances since, I think this was better than the original batman as far as comics go on big screen. there should be many many sequals done in this fashion.. I own the xbox game and will be getting the dvd when released. maybe I'm slightly skewed, having grown up in marvel considerably, but I think the movie was well done with a few bones thrown in for the fans

        although the highschool kickback was a little rough to swallow, the story unfolded well into the origins. toby maguire, while not the most convincing of actors, played the part rather well and suited the character nicely. the casting for the osborns and jonah were uncanny to say the least. a newfound affinity for Kirsten Dunst...

        favorite scene in the movie, when norman first experiences the goblin reaching out to take control, very convincing and the audio was enough to move most of the moviegoers in their chairs
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          Ok I watched spiderman also and I just want to say that the movie was great! All I have to say is spidermand better watch out becouse here comes Starwars Episode 2.


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            Not sure if it was because of being at a slightly ealier showing, but there were considerably more people at the SW show a few days after opening than Spidey in the same timeframe
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              I was actually a little upset that Todd McFarlane didnt get a bigger part in the production... but I suppose since he's moved on to found Image, that they'd prefer to leave him out. But for some reason I thought Stan Lee had gone to image too. But now he's directing The Hulk movie AND Spiderman.... hmmmm

              Did I miss something?


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                movies online?

                All the rumors about Clones being available online before the movie came out, I wonder if Spidey had the same thing happen...any bringing it on a RAID5 to the con?


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                  I don't know how early available before release, but it's definately out there. I believe it's one of the more heavily traded movies at the moment.

                  A nifty article somewhat related:
                  if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.