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Defcon; Age?

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  • Defcon; Age?

    Do you think that this year it would be okay for a 14 year old hackerish kid to go to Defcon. How clean is it ( not cleanliness, but language, behavior, etc. ) I know there is a lot of partying outside of the conference, but what about during hacker jeopardy, etc.?

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    14 year olds at the con

    When you get there you will be 14 and when you leave you will feel 30, have alimony payments, be on parole and in outpatient therapy, get strip searched by the hotel staff and then be escorted to the border by the Nevada Highway Patrol.


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      When you leave? I thought that was just the first night....
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        well not to turn you away you should come but it does get pretty wild at times. the hotel in general becomes the 'con' in my opinion not just the convention center itsself. and people party pretty much everywhere. during talks however there isnt really any partying. but as i recall hacker jepordy is anything but clean and orderly =] ecspecially when the DRUNKEN WHORES !!! [yay!!] are there =] as for language dont expect there to be any place safe at anytime=] and YES defcon WILL change you in some way or another if its your first con. its hard to explian but it does. i think it kinda makes you realize where you stand in the "underground" and where you want to go =] one thing to note: last year there were many many people 16 and under and some small children as well.


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          I made the serious error of thinking I could get sleep at the hotel from 11pm to 6am, I have seen the error of my ways and will sleep at work to bank the hours, and stay up 24/7 in DCX!