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  • Las Vegas car rental


    does anyone know a car-rental company in Las Vegas that will also rent to people under 21 years of age? More exactly 20 years and 11 months, dammit ;)

    I looked around a bit, but didn't really find any...

    Thanks for the info

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    No. Those that do allow under 25 require you to be at least 21, and charge a hefty fee per day. The only exceptions are military personnel traveling on orders, and, on occassion, those traveling on a company credit card. Even if you were 21, I think you'll find that taxis are cheaper than renting a car with that surcharge. I haven't rented at too many places, but I know Alamo adds on $25/day for drivers age 21-24. With the regular rental fee, that's around $50/day. You can get a taxi to the far end of the strip for around $15 from the Alexis, and you don't have to be sober to ride in a taxi. ;-)
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      Taxi is the way to go

      I go to LV a couple of times a year, and with the one exception of when I drove (DC9) I have never used a rental car. Taxi's will get you where you want to go, without the hassle. During con, you are often sharing cabs with others anyways. Drunk, tired, confused.. whatever.. Get enough folks together, and a limo can be just as cheap...



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        or just rent a viper or ferrari, for what, $1k or so for 5 hours? i forgot the prices. i'd grab one, but than again, i dont have a license at the moment =]


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          Or, if you're lucky enough, "borrow" a ferrari from your neighbor...


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            For every Defcon I have been to, I have reserved a car. It came in useful for the last minute liquor/cups/ice runs. The thing that it did limit was my drinking time, since you don't want to get busted drunk driving in Vegas. I usually rented from Hertz because I became a preferred customer but I never had anything but problems in getting the car for my needs. Is it worth the car? If it's just for the con and you just plan to go to the strip a couple times, don't bother with the rental.
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              found one :-)

              Thanks again for all your help, guys.

              Car-rental in Vegas below 21 does work, found three companies that were willing to rent me a car... so let's just see how it'll go.

              The rental isn't really for Vegas, but for a nv/ca roadtrip i have planned the four days after Defcon.

              See you all there,



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                to rent or taxi

                At my first con parking was so bad I circled the hotel a dozen times before finding the spot the furthest away from my room. Then if I wanted to go out for a pizza, it was just a tad too far to walk but also guaranteed I'd lose my spot.

                I'm going to make some taxi drivers happy this year, it's worth it!