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McAfee SiteAdvisor ranks as dangerous.

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  • McAfee SiteAdvisor ranks as dangerous.

    Some people don't like McAfee Site Advisor but I still like to use the free one. It helps my kids prevent from browsing mindlessly to known malicious sites. My coworker just notified me that Site Advisor currently ranks as a dangerous site. Gotta' love the irony.

    I looked into why and it's because there are two "red" (a.k.a. dangerous) downloads which are infected. They are properly labeled as exploit code so 'tools' won't accidentally download and infect themselves. Apparently, Site Advisor doesn't care about their precautionary measures. is only a "yellow" which is a "use caution" rating. I feel much safer being on this site now.

    Red downloads:
    • infected with the Exploit-Sadmind.demo trojan
    • infected with the Exploit-DcomRpc.gen trojan and Exploit-Generic.src trojans