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Can someone answer my question?

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  • Can someone answer my question?

    I write programs in BASIC using a compiler named JustBASIC can any one tell me how do I interface hardware into my programs or a place that can help me with this problem?

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    Re: Can someone answer my question?

    google =


    Used MS Basic back in the day interfacing ATE(automated test equipment) via IEEE-488 interface bus.

    Mite be better off with visual basic. More official hand holding, larger user base, 3rd party classes, 3rd party and official books, and tons of documentation. Or go with an OSS alternative.

    Though I feel this post is going to be quickly moved to /dev/random

    Good luck.

    To the mod's: this post has been up for 5 hours; man you guys are slipping :-)
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      Re: Can someone answer my question?

      This isn't a technical forum, per se.

      There is a technical programming forum devoted to JustBASIC located at . I would suggest that you seek your answer there.

      Two other suggestions.
      1) If you do post there, -or on another forum- a title more descriptive than "Can someone answer my question?" -which is basically useless- would certainly help. For example, a title such as "General Hardware-Programming Interfacing Question" would be appropriate.

      2) Google has many references to JustBASIC, including programming guides.
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        Re: Can someone answer my question?

        Thanks for your help so far. I am sorry I didn't know if I was posting this in the right place or not I thought this place was the best match. I have tried justBASIC's forms first and they told me to find a robotics form then someone suggested this place. Thanks so far.