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Anyone Live in Vegas? HUGE FAVOR NEEDED

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  • Anyone Live in Vegas? HUGE FAVOR NEEDED


    So, the DVD shipment we had shipped to Vegas was shipped earlier than we had expected and is arriving TODAY at the Riv. After a 3 day grace period, the Riv wants to charge over $200 a day to hold our boxes. It might be more, I don't remember, my mom was so upset when she was telling me on the phone...

    We spent a very long time on the phone with UPS trying to get them to HOLD the delivery but they won't unless the packages are rejected by Riv - and after talking to the very unhelpful people at the hotel, they won't reject the packages for us. Nothing to make life easier. And even though we are going to be spending money there (we have THREE rooms booked for FOUR nights) they won't make any concessions. :(

    SO I AM PUTTING OUT A HUGE CALL FOR FAVOR: DOES ANYONE LIVE IN THE VEGAS AREA OR WILL ANYONE BE IN THE VEGAS AREA THAT HAS A CAR AND COULD PICK UP MY 16 BOXES?! Obviously, we'd have to work something out because they are under my name and I'd have to fax in an 'ok, please let this person take them from you' sorta deal, but we'd also work out something for the person who would be able to do it because we have 16 boxes (gah, I know) and 15 of them way 22 pounds each and whoever would be kind enough to do it (and also to NOT open the boxes) would be deserving of a prize or a trophy or something.

    So, I know this is kind of ridiculous, and I am still trying to call the Riv and beg them to either not accept the shipment or to not charge me money since I'm a poor college student (yes, I can try socialling people when I need to and this is one of those occasions).

    BUT In case NOTHING works, I am asking for help.

    If anyone DOES think that they'd be able to do this MIRACULOUS favor please email me directly at : ashley at alwayschaos dot com

    THANK YOU. And wish me luck while I call and beg and perhaps even shed a few tears to get someone at the Riv to help lol. :-D

    - Ashley Schwartau

    P.s. I am SO excited about con! I can't wait, for so many reasons. Its going to be great and I look forward to seeing you all! (Yes, even those of you I don't know, because I'm sure you're very nice ;-) hehe )

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    Re: Anyone Live in Vegas? HUGE FAVOR NEEDED

    Ok, I can't figure out how to delete a message but I just spoke to my mother who forgot to call me when she and my dad called and spoke to someone and got it all worked out and just now called me and let me know it was solved.....literally just after I posted.



    Thank the gods - even Xenu. ;-)


    So I'm sorry about that --- let's just be glad its alllll figured out.