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Space avail. in suite..

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  • Space avail. in suite..

    As always I have plenty of extra space (couch, floor, and other) in the suite for any XX chromozone folks who enjoy occasional loud music, booze everywhere, various foods, and associated concoctions.

    So if you meet this requirement, please email...

    However, should their be space left, I have been known to take pitty on poor lost defcon folks who were not quick enough to get a room, so email me if you are just plain SOL and
    cant find a room.

    I gotta pay for booze, t-shirts, food, entertainment somehow!

    But it is fun.

    Last room - -D

    PS - gotta be over 18, and if not dont bother. Im not going to jail for intoxicating a minor, and really, Id prefer you be over 21 to be even safer. Ill check email, so email w/phone if your SOL.

    But check with these other fine folks who are also offering rooms, they were here first!
    +++ Dallas +++