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  • August Meeting

    Well.. Half the crew will be out attending "The Big Show" in Vegas! Lucky B@st*rds! lol

    For the rest of us unfortunate souls - if you want to get together this Saturday, August
    9 - then send me a Pm or most of ya'll have my e-mail.. I got the new Wargames movie
    and some 'interesting' dvd's to hand out.. If not, then we will see if we can get a special
    august meeting setup for later in the month - It will give the Vegas group a chance to
    brag and fill us in on what we missed out on..

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    Re: August Meeting

    gotta work sat, go fig but im off like 10 days after that. I didn't know about the new war games until a few weeks ago and I watched half of it on line. I was bummed, just turned it off. The Linux group is going strong and growing rapidly.


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      Re: August Meeting

      Hey buddy!

      I was hoping you would have made it last month.. We definately need to figure out
      a time a couple of us can get together..

      Edit - watched the movie a few seconds ago.. You did the right thing.. lol I can't believe they
      made a sequal to a classic and it stank so badly..
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