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Rules for Defcon Blogs

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  • Rules for Defcon Blogs

    DEF CON Blogs are available for forum members to post information of interest to them. These will have a less restrictive set of rules than elsewhere in the forums:

    1) No Unsolicited commercial ads:
    This is meant to let us deal with spammers that might take up residence on the forum blogs with images, ads, text, or link-back search-engine hit count augmenters.
    This does not include self promotion of members that are trying to promote their latest security book, or similar things. This is commercial spam, and is up to the mod to decide what qualifies as commercial spam. For example, someone promoting their own viagra pills, Nigerian scam spam, and similar "spam" would count as spam.

    2) No Illegal content, or content that encourages illegal action:
    Just as this says, don't break laws with the information you post or encourage others to break laws.

    Violations of one or both of the above may result in censorship of content violating the above rules, and banning of the user.

    These rules may change, but since blogs are meant to be personal spaces, it makes sense for the rules to be as nonrestrictive as possible without leading to service loss in the forums, or external blacklisting of the forums as a spam source.


    Please do not "report a blog" as a problem unless it violates one of the above rules. You are responsible for the content you post.
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