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In Vegas - need help with DC / Magazine prep

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  • In Vegas - need help with DC / Magazine prep

    EDIT: think I'm golden, thanks everybody.

    Hey, everyone.

    Arrived last night, but just before getting to the airport back in Boston discovered my laptop was non-functional. So - I'm here in the Riv on my friend's Ubuntu laptop (Hardy Heron) and have near-0 experience with Linux-based OSes. I desperately need to install a particular font to finish some work for the DC release of my magazine. I have no clue how to install the font. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My friend is in Death Valley at the moment, so no dice on contacting him for help.

    Also - anyone who could give me access to a computer that could run Adobe InDesign CS3 (I've got the disc with me) for about 3 hours either late night tonight or sometime tomorrow so I could finish the layout for the magazine I would owe you huge.

    I intended to have my own means to accomplish this, so I'm sorry to be a pain, but any help would be appreciated. I'll check back on thread / PM periodically. Thanks!
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