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    I attended a very good panel presented by Ben Feinstein. He had his ducks in row and provided good slides with example code and interesting content.

    What bothered me was that I had to move out of my prized front-row seat because several members of the SourceFire developer team were drunk and disruptive, talking and joking around like high-school kids on their first ripple buzz, distracting me, my buddy, and another guy I don't know.

    One member accidently kicked a drink onto my friend's leg and shoe.

    Class act.

    My friend and I moved to another row, and shortly after that the other guy moved to.

    DUDES, show some class and respect for the speaker. I love to change the chemistry of my brain, but good behaviour is mandatory.

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    Re: Drunk Support Teams

    Timing and cost are everything. The more a symposium costs the less likely wet disruptive brains will cut into your timely investment. Even drunks sober up for good speakers.