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DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

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  • DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

    Just starting the thread...
    go to town. I'm working on putting my picts up on (also a place for defcon picts) and writing my post for here.

    get to work....what insanity are you thanking people for doing? did someone do something just crazy out of the ordinary cool that you didn't thank them for or just plain didn't know who they were? post it!
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

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    Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

    - DT, Zac, Major Malfunction, Q, CJ, Rick, network team+++, and my fellow goons in QM Stores & the other goons in general. fine job all :-)
    - dispatch, runner & sunsh1ne for total dedication to duty.
    - additional ++++ for Priest & Woz total dudes.
    - Renderman + Grey for just being themselves - just Lovely :-)
    - Larry for being.. Larry :-)
    - all those from DC4420 that made it over - September meeting ahoy!
    - Friday night skybox 20x - *cough* :D
    - all those that ran parties. *giggle*
    - all those who came and exchanged Shwag and chatted. thank you all.
    - no food poisoning this year!
    - Beretta 45. bwahahahah.
    - the £:$ ratio
    - In and Out, Fatburger - MM - you have a LOT to answer for!

    - my travel kettle takes too long to boil water to make tea in the US.
    - no EEE anywhere in Vegas to be had.
    - customer 'service' departments everywhere that are fronted by 'press x to' and refuse to let you through to a human being when you need to get stuff urgently.
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      Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

      Holy christ, I gave all you guys FIVE hours to post something on here, and now i'm the one posting... ok ok ....

      Thank yous, no particular order and I will be making addendums as it is realized I completely forgot someone for something at some point…

      Deviant Ollam: No one makes me laugh as much as you do, you freaking kill me. Thank you for letting me be me and always having a beer or something to hand my way. I can’t believe you done this.

      Mouse: you are the awesomest big sister. I hope your talk went well after you found your laser pointer.

      Jur1st: so fun sitting at Splash Bar on Wed night for that 5 min way too early in the morning.

      303: Super kick ass *mwah* for all you alls.

      23b: I am sorry I didn’t spend enough time with you guys. I can’t make it to Toorcon, but am looking into other options. Wednesday night was too funny in the elevator, I thought I was going to get killed in there. No pushing! Ahem~! Bad!#$

      Q and Ellen: Everything, was way, way too funny at Cesar’s. Especially the pokey little things.

      Fools: You two decimate all. All of us definitely need to hang out again for some rum drinks.

      Babak and Kari:
      Welcome to Defcon. You two kicked major ass at the Lockpick Village and made it so I didn’t feel quite so bad for having too many other duties to attend to and not being able to spend anywhere near as much time in the Village as I wanted to.

      All the DJs I encountered: I got the opportunity to play a ton of parties this year on all sorts of different gear. You were all so awesome and sounded so good. Thanks to everyone who let me play on their stuff. I know it’s a pain to lug about.

      you will always make me smile

      Zziks and his crew and everyone who was involved in pulling this Blackout party out: I was a bit worried, but it came out well and I had a blast. (I even got a second to say hi to Priest which was cool!) Thanks for hiring the awesome designer who built all that cool stuff and lugged it from OR (?) to NV.

      Tiger Team: oxox

      UAT peeps: Ok. Now I sooo want to go to your school if I can hang out with people like you all day. You are all the greatness.

      DT and all of the people who gave us DC16: OMG EPIC THANK YOUS. for the awesome shirt and it was awesome meeting you guys.

      Hacker Pimps: OMG. You guys are the best and can have my services anytime. (and yay for the shirt!)

      Security Tribe:
      We played some major tag all weekend! (I am still looking for Russ and wondering if you are all Gay for Golgo!)

      Browneye: you must still tell me your furry story

      Network Ninjas: for your offer this winter, its going on my calendar. Those challenge coins rocked socks too!

      The people who found the EEEPC Mods user’s group: So very awesome to meet you all and so very glad you came! Next year there will be a contest…(assuming that EEEPCs aren’t “soooo 2008” by 2009.)

      ASTcell: yay for the pictures, I never got you a blank DVD…I do SO want that whole sequence of pictures you took at sushicon…we need to figure out how to get those to me. (and anyone who saw me walking around in those awesome red heels, you need to thank this man, too.)

      401: miss you guys. Oreo shakes!

      Green Sector: Thanks again so such the wonderful time and manning my booth when I was running around with my head cut off. oxoxo

      oCTF: Yay I got to play for the contest room and make crazy announcements

      To the guy who was giving the vendor infomercial for the Buzzword Challenge whose poster thing I completely knocked over as well as the easel while I was on a mission: so sorry! At least I made everyone laugh and gave you a second to catch your breath and have some entertainment yourself!

      1057: ltle amelie

      Shakacon Crew: You made it! Yay!

      oh yeah, it was on!

      Everyone I met at BH and DC: HI!!! Hope to see you all again!

      Nakita and Neil: For well…everything including the silly shorts fun!

      Barry and Han: I <3 you guys!

      and of course you all know the epic list of everyone I forgot ATM.... I have the crud and dont have a brain yet... *hugs*
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      DJ Jackalope
      dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

      send in the drop bears!


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        Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

        Overall, I had a great time at DEFCON. This one gets filed in the 'WANT' column with all the other DEFCON's except DC6, which will forever live in the 'DO NOT WANT' column.

        Damage Taken: 3 packs of German non-filtered cigarettes, 2 packs of regular smokes. 1 raging case of athletes foot. 1 nasty sinus infection picked up within hours of my arrival at the Riv. 1 serious hangover experienced around mid-day on Monday (I was still drunk that morning).

        Now, on to the list of thank yous:

        Deviant Ollam: Thanks for bringing the DC Shoot back from the dead. I had a ball out there. Also, thanks for the neck coolers. I credit mine with keeping me outdoors a lot longer than I would have been able to without it.

        Jared and the Desert Lake shooting club folks: Thank you for having us out. You have an awesome range, a very cool range house, and some of the friendliest staff I've dealt with in a while. I particularly enjoyed the fact that although we were new to your club, you didn't just assume we were all gun noobs and actually recognized that quite a few of us had years of shooting experience

        Merciless Mike: Had a blast doing long range work with you at the shoot. If you find yourself in WA at any point, let me know and we'll go out and shoot long range plate.

        Doolittle, Jur1st, Noise, and 'the new girl': Awesome job in dispatch. Our comm situation sucked pretty hard this year, but at least with you folks on the case we were able to operate effectively.

        AlxRogan & Jenn: Thanks for the Shiner and the pint glass. I really wish I could have hung out more with y'all. Evil and I will have to head out to Texas at some point and visit.

        Neil: Great work on the swag. I totally dig my DC16 pirate shirt. Its officially the second DC shirt I have ever purchased.

        Flea: Fantastic job on day shift. Waking up Saturday morning to 0 messages and 0 missed calls was a thing of beauty. I actually got to do stuff and see some of the conference.

        Day Shift Team: Especially those of you that worked the line situation on Saturday morning. Roughly 1800 people in line and you had it all under control. When the badges showed up, you executed and moved everyone through with minimal hassle. Both Q and TW came up to me after that to express the great job you did. Not sure who all was there, but i know I saw dc0de, chosen1, GM1, h3adrush, and Converge there.

        Doug: Pleasure working with you, as always. Weird how we didn't see each other till sometime Saturday afternoon. Once I get my General ticket I'll hook up with you on some of the repeaters out there.

        Night Shift Team: Fantastic job guys. I know Friday night was a letdown, but when shit hit the fan on Saturday night, you folks got in there and did your jobs. Some of them were boring, some of them were stressful, but everyone worked together and maintained control

        All the security goons: You folks earned your booze.

        Pappy 'Gappy' Ozendorph: You are very metals, like viking god you are.

        To the fine people who make Underarmor: Your products continue to rock. To anyone who doubts the awesomeness of UA products, I can give you this: Two years of wearing UA boxer briefs and t-shirts under my gear I've come back home in better shape than previous years.

        I actually don't have any boos this year. I don't think I had any really negative interactions with anyone. I know some attendees gave my guys shit when they tried to clear the hallways and doorways so we didn't have a fire hazard. Cant say I appreciate that attitude much at all. These guys are volunteering to help with the con and part of that is making sure we don't get shut down for violating fire code. To flip them shit for doing a job that is protecting the conference is pretty fucked up. Go find something sharp and stick it up your ass. sideways.

        I did have one weird interaction on Friday night. I suppose I will relay it here as a good cautionary tale about how to interact with your fellow humans. Had a girl trying to track me down. Some of my guys pointed her out to me, so I went over an introduced myself. She very happily told me that she wanted to meet me because she works with my ex-fiancee. Word of advice, before doing something like that, find out if it was a good break up or a bad one first. Because in this gal's case, she'll forever be known to me as the broad that works with the vapid hooker I almost married. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

        Big thanks to everyone who came out. Hope everyone had fun and will be back next year.

        8/19/08 - Update
        I just realized I do actually have a boo. This one also goes into the poor social skills pile. This boo is for i-hacked. Srsly guys. I help you get an out of control drunk guy out of your party, spend an hour of my time dealing with it, and when I want to come in you actually had the balls to ask me for ID. I invite you to lick the stankiest part of my taint. Next year, you're on your own. You have problems in your party, don't bother calling my guys, deal with it yourself.
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        I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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          Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

          Everyone who came to the lockpick village, and then came back when we were open- thanks for understanding!

          Jackalope, Babak, Doug, et al - everyone made us feel super welcome and we had a great time and hope to be back again next year.

          Deviant - for Gringo, the DC Shoot, and being a lot of fun at any given moment.

          goons- Thanks for not throwing the gummi bear sniper out, dealing with gigantic lines, and answering questions that I know I had to have been the thousandth to ask you that day without screaming and/or hitting me.

          MBI- You gave me so much stuff and information, we will definitely be in touch with research data.

          Lee's Liquor - Thank you for stocking so much rum.

          Kari - Food runs and objective observations go a long way.


          AirTran - you cheap asses can DIAF. Give someone a fucking pillow already, even if it is just to suffocate them.

          My local airport - Thanks for not opening the security gates at 4am, I really wanted to get off a plane four hours late to find that I couldn't get out of the fucking terminal, then not get my bags, and finally not get a cab. It wasn't like we were the ONLY PLANE COMING IN, you may have seen us coming an been slightly prepared. Special fuck you to the guy waxing the floor who completely ignored the plane full of people asking him to open the gate.

          Lee's - for, um, stocking so much rum and causing me to forget anyone I may have forgotten.
          Fraternal Order of Locksport


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            Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)


            All my peeps in 6407 / Aristocrats - Fun Parties and to the dead guy we left there...
            and BRANDO by the case..

            Hacker Pimps - WOW

            SkyDog - Same WOW

            Vegas 2.0 - Big MOney for EFF - That was awesome

            All the Speaker Goons - Enjoyed the opportunity to help!

            DT - Awesome and thanks for being so approachable..

            CERENA - 00 ! (did i spell that right?)

            WALL OF SHEEP DUDES!! -- You guys ROCK!

            ALL the Hoochwars contestants - We will make better mixs next year, we only lost one of you, it was not supposed to last 10 rounds! WE NEED FLEA!

            RIV Security - Mostly doing better..

            DJ - Thanks for all the tunes

            Sunshine - Awesome Playa like party, even though we did steal few folks up at the top. Ill help you anytime!

            Ninja's - Just because.

            Cardboard DAN - You rock, and I know where you are now.

            Priest - First year I have not been involved with you showing up for the "wrong" reasons!

            CJ, Hackajar, Risphy, IceTRE, ABBY, Amber, AST, Valkeria, Nikki and Silent one.

            Finally: Who the heck was that Fay girl - Fed, hobbyist, crazy?

            - More LATER!

            - DALLAS

            Originally posted by DJ Jackalope View Post
            Just starting the thread...
            go to town. I'm working on putting my picts up on (also a place for defcon picts) and writing my post for here.

            get to work....what insanity are you thanking people for doing? did someone do something just crazy out of the ordinary cool that you didn't thank them for or just plain didn't know who they were? post it!
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              Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

              Wanted to take a moment and specifically thank Roamer, Russr, Zak, CJ, Noid, Major, and all of the goons this year for going above and beyond in their support and general awesomeness towards the Ninja crew, even without our party this year.

              When we see 20 goons roll up to the Ninja table that say "We were told to come buy things", we know it's not a random event. That's the type of support that helps make a Ninja party happen, and is a strong reminder of why we want do them in the first place.

              I also had a nice pat on the back and a handshake from pretty much every goon at Con about canceling the Ninja event this year, and that was really nice.

              Needless to say - it was made pretty clear that we're going to have to throw a party of epic proportions next year in order to make up for not throwing one this year, if for no other reason than to return some of that respect to the goons and to everyone else that was really great to our whole crew this year. :)

              Evil plans may be underway...

              That said, some specific thanks:

              Zak - for not killing me in the face after I did that one thing. I am not looking forward to your retribution.

              Roamer: For pulling a rabbit out of your hat and showing the love.

              TW: For the substantial financial and logistic support, really helps a ton.

              Grifter: For the whole Skybox situation - good looking out, truly appreciate it. Thanks.

              Waitress at Caesar's Palace: For turning in my American Express card that I left there. That was an unexpected treat.

              Ellis Island Bar: 15 Cape Cods + 5 Jaeger shots + 1 Jack and coke = $65? That's a win.

              Ellis Island Security: For being super cool during Karaoke Sunday night and for not asking everyone to leave after multiple large-scale Karaoke fails.

              Jaeger girl at Hofbrauhaus: Thanks for not leaving a huge welt on my ass when you spanked me with that board.

              Cnelson: For shoving 48-hour-old sushi in my face Sunday morning and making me vomit from the smell. That was a first. Also for not hitting me in the face with my own shoe this year or throwing any glassware at my head.

              Cstone, Kubla, FalconRed, Far_Call, Beckka, and the other Ninjas that helped with the Ninja table this year. Can't do con without you. Thanks for helping make it possible.

              DJ Jackalope: For your neverending patience and consistent support when it comes to the ninja party. Next year.

              All the con-goers who said hello this year and extended condolences about the lack of a Ninja Party. That really inspired us to get serious about doing something big next year.

              The "Girls of the Ninja Booth" - thanks for being so tolerant and for managing to somehow show up at the booth every morning. There's something about a girl who parties until 5am, shows up at the booth looking good at 9am, pops open a Schlitz and shotguns it, and gets to work.

              DT: Goes without saying - big debt of gratitude for the whole kit and kaboodle, especially for the participation on The Project.

              Boos to:

              Riviera Security - I don't care how many positive things you may have done, it doesn't make up for some of the negative, completely ignorant shit you did this year. Granted - you were exceptionally polite while being ignorant, but ignorant nonetheless.

              Riviera Food and Bev: I will exact my revenge on your pocketbook next year.

              Camouflaged speed bump in parking lot at Ellis Island - there is no reason you should be there and causing people to eat shit every time they walk out of karaoke.

              Old sushi - why oh why did housekeeping not take you away?

              Lady at Caesar's who opened a door right into my face then asked me to excuse myself - I hope my response ruined your entire vacation.

              Karaoke DJ at Ellis Island: You're a douchebag Karaoke DJ at an off-strip hotel - on KOVAL nonetheless. You act like you're MOBY or something. Get bent.

              Ending on a high note - an extra thanks to all the DEFCON staff for generally being rock stars at problem solving and lateral thinking, and for getting stuff done. From registration to security and back, it's a lot of work. Thanks for showing up and making it happen.




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                Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                I was sick for a lot of the con but I did manage to make it out there for a bit to see most of yall.

                BlackOrchid: Thanks for the good conversation and the drink =)

                Bascule: Thanks for the beers and taking me out for my first in and out burger, it was pretty darn good. Also thanks for being sober enough to drive our car back to the riv, being stuck at sunset park would have been interesting.

                Noid: Thanks for the awesome conversation, I'll make sure I get you that item next year

                D0dger: HUGE Thanks go out to you for putting up with our shinanagins and the room, the great conversations and the drinks ya gave us.

                Netisto: You Drank "This Much", but seriously thank you for not repeating your bathroom performance from DC 11

                H3adrush: Thanks for the Drinks and for Letting us drive out with yall, next time we should get a suburban.

                Lil_freak: thanks for the aspirin, I really needed it.

                Flea: Thanks for helping us with the badge issue

                Salem: The Cider was AWESOME, and the delivery method was even cooler

                Maxinux: Thanks for the cool conversation and the drinks

                I apologize to anyone I forgot, I was a bit out of it for most of the con, but thanks !

                Now on to the Boo's

                Riv: Boo for closing the pool, boo for your insane prices on everything
                Me: For losing everyones numbers (which I just found last night)
                I like puppies


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                  Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                  Well, I had a great time this year, despite a marked lack of sleep at times. It's always fun to see and hang out with everyone and to see everything come together. There's a lot of people that I'd like to thank and shout out to....

                  Shout outs:

                  DT - Thanks for the opportunity to do this, and all your support, it gets better every year!

                  Blackbeetle - Thanks for all the support and understanding during the development cycle and the show, you really had my back!

                  - I couldn't have done it without you, thanks for all the support and for holding me up when I'm about to fall. Will you marry me?

                  Roamer - Thanks for getting me that thing and for just generally being a bad-ass. You are always a blast to hang with!

                  Sleestak - Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you, and coming up with some great ones yourself! RECOGNIZE!

                  Major Mal
                  - Thanks for answering all my stupid questions and teaching me how to properly exert my authoritay. It was great to chill with you more this year. and thanks for keeping all of our stuff safe!

                  To my Swag Crew
                  (Nikita, l3d, Louis, Mike, Dave, Dana, Mfreeck, Mav, Veruus) - you guys rocked and didn't complain at all, nice work! Veruus, thanks for the beer.

                  Charel - Thanks for making me take care of myself, and for doing an awesome job with the Hotel!

                  Zac - Thanks for the chat and making it easy to open the store, and for running an phenominal DEFCON!

                  LosT - Thanks for whipping out the puzzle-fu at the last second and saving the day, and for being straight-up awesome!

                  Russ, Pyr0 - Thanks for getting me all that info in an organized and timely manner, you really made it easy this year. And for being cool to hang with!

                  CotMan - Thanks for all your assistance with the forums and pics over the course of the year, and for keeping me informed of stuff going on. I wish you could have been there so we could meet in person (I owe you so many beers!)

                  Heather, Lock, Videoman, and the rest of you Network bad asses - Thanks for making it easy to get online and update stuff, without the fear of pwnage. It was nice to get to talk to you guys a bit more this year.

                  Doolittle - thanks for taking the reigns on the twitter stuff, keeping the masses informed! It was great meeting you, and we'll have to chill again some more next year!

                  Jeffery, KS and Blackbeetle
                  - Thanks for running interference at swag so I could grab a coffee and wake up!

                  Dedhead - Thanks for the on the fly support at swag! You rock!

                  TW, Q - Thanks for hooking me up with whatever I needed, and for being awesome to hang with!

                  Ed & Brian - Thanks to you for working with me on the Twitter thing, and for the beers and great conversation.

                  Grifter - Thanks for being one sexy Neil

                  Uncle Ira - Thanks for getting everything down here safe and for being awesome!

                  Noid and team - Thanks for the expert security, you make it all run smooth!

                  Pappy - Thanks for getting that guy his wallet back, and it was cool talking to you about shirts and stuff.

                  Schuyler - Great chatting with you and thanks for the emergency picks!

                  All of the Artwork contest entrants
                  - Thanks for the great work, keep 'em coming!

                  Digi and OD - My party buds, what would I do without you?

                  Converge - Why do we never hang out? We live in the same town... Always a pleasure to chill with you.

                  Kenny - Wish I had seen more of you, but it was fun when we did!

                  Deviant Ollam - always a pleasure to see you my brother. You do a fantastic job at everything you organize, makes me wonder how you do it!

                  Jackalope - It was nice to finally talk to you a bit this year, awesome job at all the parties and the Ball!

                  0x58, Pushpin
                  - Great to meet you guys!

                  Shadowvex - It was great chatting with you!

                  Boos: I had some, but I don't hold on to that kind of shit...

                  Please don't be offended if I forgot someone, I will be making addendums as they come back to me...


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                    Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                    Hi, this was my first Defcon (although I've known people who've gone in the past, I just finally got around to checking it out). I don't know anyone's names, but I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that busted their butts to make the event super fun for everyone :) I had a great time and will definitely be coming back for more sweet Defcon action.


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                      Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                      Oh, man - I'm sure I'm going to forget people. Spent a lot more time with DC folks than I did last year (Spent most of my free time out in Vegas last year).

                      Alright - thanks to:

                      StillSecure & IOActive: The freakshow was fantastic. I was super-skeptical, to be honest, but myself and all of my friends had a fantastic time.

                      Everyone else who threw parties Saturday night: Last year I did 0 socializing or partying and I'm really glad to have changed that this year. Rolled around to 3 or more parties throughout the night and had a blast at all of them. Will definitely repeat or increase for next year.

                      Babak, Steve, Deviant, everyone with a drill and spare time: Always good to see you guys, and I am blown away by how you have transformed the lockpicking presence at Con. I love how you integrated a lot of the work Doc & crew had done previously and then just completely blew it out of the water. No end to the good things I could say about LPV and the American Open.

                      Doug, Blake, Other LI guy who's name I never got: Obstacle course, though brutally embarrassing for me, was a great setup and I can't wait to take a new crack at it next year. Doug - congrats on the speed picking - to all the LI crew, it's nice to finally have some non-TOOOL competition ;)

                      jgor, valynx, dosman, wsbpress: GREAT competing with you in Gringo. I was really excited to be going up against you all to begin with as I've already got a great deal of respect for you guys to begin with (well, I had only met wsb that day, but you seem pretty solid too!) and to go head to head was thrilling. Competition is what I love most about lockpicking so it was nice to have such a strong field.

                      Scorche, fish, and everyone I got to meet IRL!: I can only hope that you all make it out again next year. It was awesome to finally put faces to names and get to chat a bit too.

                      Jackalope: Awesome to meet you at HOPE and get to hang out at DC. I was happy to see you spinning twice and grab breakfast on Sunday, too. Staying in touch, to be sure, and catch you again next year.

                      Mouse: MOUSE! Between both HOPE and DC this year I got to see you for like...20 minutes, tops! It's no good, so next year, where you go, I go :P or at least grab a lunch or something. You are always one of my favorite people to see, so I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

                      Neil: Thanks for helping me grab a hoodie before the swag store shut down and all the great conversation up at the skybox parties. We should talk about doing an art exchange sometime, most of my work is corporate, so I'm trying to stretch into more artistic endeavors lately. Either way - stay in touch.

                      Nikita: Super informative and on top of things for the speakers yet again. From my side of the table everything went flawlessly (well, except that the timing on my talk didn't work out. I knew I couldn't fit everything into an hour, but two turned out to be too long! I'll cover less breadth and more depth if I ever do a talk again!) and you seem to carry an incredibly positive, optimistic attitude about everything DC related. It rubs off and it's great to get those emails.

                      JK: Awesome doing the talk with you, no matter what state you show up in :P

                      Brenno DeWinter, Joe Cicero & Michael Vieau: I was honored to get to yap at each of you prior to going on stage. I hope your talks went brilliantly (I've heard elsewhere that they both did) and hope I get to run into you all sometime in the future.

                      MBI: You have done so much for NDE and so much for me both pre-con and during. Thank you! Field Stripping could not have happened without you. I've got a ton of stuff to ship to you! I can't believe I didn't meet your wife. That WILL happen.

                      Eric Schmiedl & Mitch Capper Just two of the best people I know in Locksport and I continue to be glad of it. Eric - thanks for bringing and shooting the locks, Mitch - thanks for schlepping the locks off on me to carry in the first place...:P

                      Andreas: Let's keep meeting at Con. Was fantastic hanging out with you at the skybox party.

                      Apollo, Gaylan (no clue how you spell that!) & Kevin: I'm sorry I had to leave SO early, but Apollo, we will stay in touch, Gaylan, you are a wealth of information and one of the most friendly, exciting people I met all weekend & Kevin - I won Gringo with your business card, I didn't have a handcuff shim that would work, but the tensioner from the card worked brilliantly.

                      Barry & Han: I am ecstatic that you both flew out from Holland for this! Han - great to have you at the Booth again and I hope it did OK for you, Barry - if Charlotte needs someone to vouch for you, it was great party-hopping with you and I've got your back!

                      GOONS! Listened and helped me all the way along, even on the verge of the pool party they were still helping me get where I was going. Props 2 years in a row to my speaker Goon & Agent X as well!

                      Alright - this list got super long. I spent time with so many people this year and I am certain that I'm forgetting some.

                      Oh, BOO! to the guy on the plane on the way in who said "Hacker convention! Lana, did you hear that? God, he's a lockpicker, going to a hacker convention! What'll they have next week? An axe murderer convention? A chainsaw massacre convention the week after!?"

                      And he DRAGGED that information out of me, otherwise we were having a very nice time talking about him and the weather. Bleh!
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                        Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                        First I would like to thank the 23b group for providing the world a new way to rick roll a crowd.
                        Deviant and co. in making Titanium Chef 2008 a reality
                        Congratulations to Team Smoke and for Team Tall Boy, thank you for your culinary effort.
                        Cygnus for the good advice I will follow up on it next week
                        Hacker Pimps for throwing a good party and providing change for those who need it
                        Julia from SF for the great photography
                        Salem: The 2nd batch was great. TY for not having it spill in my rental
                        To the victims erm….passengers of my driving: As I said, everyone I drove in my car reaches their destination in 1 piece (minus any psychological trauma that may have ensued)
                        303 and the Aristocrats for the invite.
                        DJ Jackalope for the tunes during the BW balls
                        Jiji: TY for the compliment on my outfit, yes pleats are hard to make. It involved algebra.
                        Dan Kaminsky: TY for providing us with video gold. I promise to get it on Youtube by the end of next week. (with closed captioning)
                        John I: for randomly dragging myself to join the panel at the last minute. It was my most surreal Defcon experience to date.
                        Thomas Crown: For logistical assistance for that thing that was put in that place for that time. When I’m in town, I’ll take you out for lunch 
                        Lil Freak: For organizing the Forum meet. Maybe next year we’ll get more organized and find the source of the Defcon Crud
                        Noid and goon squad: TY for keeping us safe from ourselves and others.
                        Priest: TY for that demo on percussive treatment to the Mystery Orb
                        Chosen 1: TY for having lunch with me
                        Grey Freq. and Renderman: It was great seeing you two again
                        Lost: TY for finding me the right person to talk to. I will see you folks soon enough.
                        Gruffy and Julia: It was great to see the both of you again this year.
                        Che, Godminus1 and toxic bbq grillers for cooking us the food in 100F+ heat
                        Banshee: For the kind words. Hopefully we will have more time next year for a 1 on 1 talk.
                        Valkyrie and Black Orchid: Maybe next time we’ll have time to talk.
                        Hackajar and co. TY for a wonderful experience during dinner at the Peppermill
                        Riverside and Wall of sheep troop: I wish I could’ve joined in the festivities this year but seems you had enough volunteers for the mission. See you next year.
                        For those not listed above my apologies.
                        My apologies to those who were looking for me. I was practicing how not to be seen.

                        Until we all meet again.


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                          Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                          This will be quick because I've barely got a connection:

                          First, boos:
                          Dude who skipped out on a bunch of friends, including me - you pretty much wrecked the con for me. Sorry to everyone I was an ass to because this guy put me in such a bad mood - will supply you beer next con/year and hope you accept my apologies.

                          New-defcon-stalker-2008, enjoy never seeing me again. 1 more person to avoid.

                          Pixel & Julia, sorry I had to run out on dinner on you. Will apologize with beer/caffeine next time.

                          Anyone who I didn't get a chance to see enough of, or at all :(

                          Matt, you're new to defcon, but you still rocked the hell out of it!

                          Everyone else who I got to see or meet, you all rock!


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                            Stalker / Hooker not a fed First Time Girl - FAYE

                            Ok, Im not normally so harsh, actually I promote and try to help first timers have a good time.

                            But this girl, perhaps you remember her.

                            Sweet, bout 5'9, blondish, 23ish, big ta ta's.

                            Well, as the con progressed she got crazier and crazier to the point of asking or stating to everyone they/she is not a fed. But a worker who drove via bus (story changes) to vegas for the con but had a austin phone number.

                            So shout out to vegas 2.0 for asking to throw her out. Seems she actually told the truth about being a hooker. She propositioned several folks at hacker pimps and the aristocrats party (maybe more), most blew her off as a scene whore. Of which being a scene whore would have been fine, but the whole Im charging thing kinda rubbed me the wrong way and the constant lying..jeezzzzzz..

                            I swear this girl just appeared out of no where to stalk a group of us returning from Quarks, disappeared when AST took her picture and as I am hearing stalked several others.

                            Here is a little more info for those so inclined..


                            (512) 740-1581.

                            Fay or Hayle or whatever her name..crap.

                            So I give this a big boo. Like I said, Im all for first timers, but this girl told more stories and generated more drama than needed all just to try and make a buck. See what you think. If im wrong call me on it, but I call Psycho. Even for Defcon.

                            +++ Dallas +++


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                              Re: DC16 SHOUT OUTS AND BOOS (well, if you must).... (go here)

                              Originally posted by barkode View Post
                              Zak - for not killing me in the face after I did that one thing. I am not looking forward to your retribution.

                              Ran into Zac on Tuesday and he was still so not amused!

                              I'm gonna miss you, Kode.