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[Defcon 16] DC16 Badge Hacking Contest Results

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  • [Defcon 16] DC16 Badge Hacking Contest Results


    We had 20 contest entries this year up from seven entries of DEFCON 15.
    The submissions ranged the gamut from simple firmware modifications to
    complicated integrated systems of hardware and firmware. Sorry if I
    forgot your names!

    1ST PLACE: Human Password Generator by the Greek Geeks
    A software application on a PC laptop tracked the motion of the badge's
    LEDs via a webcam and sent a hash of the motion profile over USB to the
    badge, which then computed the password based on the motion hash and
    transferred the result back to the PC.

    2ND PLACE: Apple Front Row and HP Pavilion DV Laptop remote control
    emulation by BonzoESC, Sterling, Critta, & Jymbolia
    This hack uses the badge's IR transmitter to emulate Apple Front Row and
    HP Pavilion DV-series laptop remote controls. Also provides
    brute-forcing of the 8-bit keyspace used for pairing of Front Row remote
    control to computer. More info here:

    3RD PLACE: Motion-generated/context-sensitive music & snooze alert (tilt
    detection) using accelerometer
    Motion-generated/context-sensitive music using an external accelerometer
    connected to the JM60 MCU. Also features "snooze alert" by making sound
    if a tilt is detected.

    OTHER ENTRIES (in no particular order):

    * TV-B-A.D.D. (channel changing) and Hotel-B-P0wn by Major Malfunction

    * Hardware addition of a camera flash charging/discharging circuit

    * LED animations (binary counter + police light bar emulation) & music
    generator with external Parallax BS2sx circuit

    * LED pattern generator with added multicolor LEDs

    * Cellular Automaton with two models: Rule 30, random number generator,
    and Rule 110, Turing-complete "spaceship pattern."

    * Fiber optic LED hack + POV displaying "DEFCON"

    * Optical trojan/covert channel via LED (transmitting "HELLO DEFCON" in
    morse code, undetectable to the human eye) by CVORG

    * Real-time binary clock with IR time synchronization

    * VGA signal generation (almost working)

    * Persistence-of-vision (POV) saying "DC16 HACKER" & Psuedorandom number
    generator w/ PWM dimming

    * Nikon camera remote control/trigger

    * TV-B-Gone/IR distance enhancements (multiple LEDs) & audio generation
    via PWM/LPF (almost working) by Solder Guy

    * LED animations & high-level scripting language for LED patterns
    (Logo-style) by charliex

    * 2 guys from CCC ported the Freescale Codewarrior/JM60 development
    tools to Linux!

    * Misc. Artistic Decorations/Badge Paintings by Eddie the Yeti and "Paint"


    DC16 badge-related development info (schematics, firmware, slides, links
    to badge hacks, etc.) can be found on my site here:

    I've also posted videos ( and
    hacked badge pictures

    Thanks to everyone's support and participation, the contest is now
    officially a black badge event, so start planning for next year and win
    the ultimate bragging rights!