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  • Sep meeting?

    If I read .org correct were having a meeting on sep 13th? Is many if any coming? Did anyone ever decide what the t-shirts were costing? Will it snow on Halloween? Many questions I'm sorry. I did see a DC806 sticker a few weeks ago! I wasn't sure If one was ever made.

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    Re: Sep meeting?

    I'll be darned.. I didn't know they got a sticker made also.. lol I have it on a good source that the shirts
    were made with the original design.. Of course, the .org site actually says March still.. Maybe we ought
    to fix that one of these days.. :) But heck ya! We are gonna meet next Saturday.. Those lucky boneheads
    that got to go to defcon get to fill the rest of us in.. I heard there was quite a show on the dance floor with a gal strutting her stuff - in the buff.. ;) You gonna be able to make it? I'm bringing some dvd's and I think Sean made up a few new ones also..