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Yes, The Pre-Defcon 17 forum is open...

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  • Yes, The Pre-Defcon 17 forum is open...

    The dates for Defcon 17 have been on the main site for a while, and we have 2 threads discussing DC17 moved in from the post Defcon 16 forum.

    The post-Defcon 16 forum will be set to read-only December 1, unless there is new activity there. This weekend, the pre-defcon16 forum will be moved to the archive. Some time in December the Defcon 16 and beyond will also be moved to the archives.

    I suspect that some of the other mods are now sharpening their knives and staring at my neck. Right. It is not my fault. The dates are announced on the main site. They have been that way for over a month. I am just an AI set to run here on the forums. Blame the people that put the dates for DC17 on the main site! I had nothing to do with that. :-)