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what's your VPN preference?

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  • what's your VPN preference?

    I have been thinking about making a change to the VPN setup that I currently deploy when folk request such an option. In the past i've just enabled the basic VPN server built into windows but lately i've become less and less a fan of that due to the weaknesses in PPTP.

    what do you use for your VPN needs? while a number of decent pay software options are available, i did a bit of Googling and came across OpenVPN. I like the fact that it's cross-platform, but it seems to only run on SSL.

    does anyone have a VPN they like that supports really strong crypto? AES and the like would rule... but i'd like to keep open-ended options available along with the ability to have clients on any O/S.

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    Re: what's your VPN preference?

    I have a Sonicwall firewall and just use theirs. I've also had a 3COM, & Watchguard firewall in the past and their client software looks like Sonicwall's so I wonder if it's just coming out of one development house and folks are just re-branding it.

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      Re: what's your VPN preference?

      I'm currently using Linksys RV042's and a single RV082 to build a VPN Mesh network. There was some initial difficulty in getting them setup, mostly because of needing to have the RV082 behind an SMC 8014, but once I got that sorted out, it works really well.

      There's lots of options with these units. The 42's support up to 50 tunnels and the 82 supports up to 100. For a relatively inexpensive device, compared to things like Cisco and such, they're pretty nice.
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        Re: what's your VPN preference?

        Open VPN is a pretty good solution, but if you are looking for military encryption then try this:

        Evaluate it here:
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          Re: what's your VPN preference?

          I use OpenVPN on my home system when traveling. I currently connect to it with Linux, WinXp and Vista clients without issues. I use certificate based authentication. It's pretty light on the resources running on an old Dell laptop (500mhz or similar).

          The server is running linux. I've been happy with it. Even had it running on my WRT54gs for a while.