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[Defcon 17] Thanks and until next year...

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  • [Defcon 17] Thanks and until next year...

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the badge hacking contest and/or enjoyed their badge in some manner. It was all due to your support and contributions that led the contest to being an official black badge event! Woo hoo! The submissions and winners over the past 3 years have blown me away and being able to see people do things with the badge that I could never imagine makes all the pain and suffering of design and development worthwhile! :) And, seeing how crowded the Hardware Hacking Village was the entire weekend only shows that hardware hacking is making a comeback.

    DT and I have already started talking privately about some things for DEFCON 17's badge. While I'm sure we'll avoid the problems we encountered this year, I can guarantee there will be some other thing that drives us to the brink of insanity. Every year is a learning process and that's really what its all about. But, with that said, start preparing for the contest, because you never know what DEFCON 17 will bring. If you have badge concepts or ideas, feel free to let me know. I can't promise we'll do anything with them, but it's cool to see what other people are thinking about.

    We had 20 contest entries this year (up from 7 entries last year!) and I didn't have time to go through and recognize them all during the 5 minutes I was given at the DC Awards Ceremonies. I've listed all the entries on the official DC16 Contest Results page ( and also in a separate forum post.

    All DC16 badge related info (documentation, pictures, badge hacks, etc.) is available on my site here:

    I'll continually update the page with new info as I get it, so please send me links or source code for your contest entries!

    See you next year,


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    Re: [copy]Thanks and until next year...

    Copied from DC16's Back Hacking Contest Forum.