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  • Its coming together nicely

    Thanks to the following sites we are getting the word out loudly:
    and of course

    We are going to have an impromptu meeting of volunteers and staff at the next 2600 meeting. mmca is going to have a prize to be entered into the Cannonball Run and we will have flyers with more information. I will put a pdf of the flyer online soon. More details to follow.
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    Cannonball Planning

    I am very busy with so many plans but here is the skinny. For those that attend DD in SoCal, I will be there Tuesday. If you feel like you can help out with anything with the race, let me know. I will have all sorts of info then. Everything is still on track, with the exception that el_jefe is touring the country, but I am assured that he will be back in time for the race. If you don't feel like attending the Cannonball but would like to watch, there will be infor for that too posted on the web page as well. We will be making a very humorous video when this is all over so if you would like to video, we will copy the tape withen the defcon weekend. If you have any questions, please email and the web address for more info is located at
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