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hit and enemy car detection?

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  • hit and enemy car detection?

    After reading defconbots rules page and blog many, many times, there are some things that are not clear to me:

    (1) Where can the car be hit? Are there going to be a 'target' on the car, or a hit in any part of the body would be counted? The reason I am asking that in the former case, it does not matter how big your car is, while in the latter case, it would make sense to make the whole car as compact as possible.

    (1) How will the car detect the enemy car? My electronic target (I am
    working on it, but I am busy with other things, too) had 2 flashing infrared LEDs for targeting. If there are no IR-LEDs, then the only alternative that I see is regular vision - black car, white wall. The car and wall colors will have to be standardized, and a fairly sophisticated vision system would be developed. I am thinking about either a 1-line camera from scanner with custom lens, or a video camera feeding data over the air to PC for processing.

    Is there any official word on this?

    Thanks, Mikhail

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    Re: hit and enemy car detection?

    Hits anywhere will be counted, so it does make sense to minimize the size of the vehicle. Having a big plate on the rear that's the maximum size is probably a bad idea :)

    There's no requirement to make your vehicle easy to spot, it's all on the "attacker" to decide how to target the enemy. The walls will be flat white, however. I think the flooring will just be the carpet though, so that's a bad pattern...

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