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two cars following the same wall?

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  • two cars following the same wall?

    Rules mention that the car can always follow one wall, but they do not say which wall it is.

    If (in hypothetical case) we are competing, and my car follows the left wall, and your car follows the right wall, then we will see each other only for very short time (during turns), and probably won't be able to hit. Even worse, imagine a single round track, so one car circles inside wall and other circles outside wall. With fixed gun pointing forward, car on outside wall will NEVER be able to hit car on the inside wall.

    On the other side, if we both follow the same wall, and keep almost the same distance, my car might have problems passing yours -- Sharp sensors have a minimum distance, so if my car gets too close, both of the sensors could get confused and who known what might happen.


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    Re: two cars following the same wall?

    Yes, the course is "open" so there's no requirements on which wall a certain bot will follow. The inner path would be the shorter one, obviously. It's certainly possible to have a race with no contact or shooting, in that case the faster bot would win (obviously).

    Car to car contact is to be expected. If bots get jammed up or flipped over or anything like that then a judge will get them back on course as fairly as possible. If you get right behind someone and either can't pass or can't shoot to slow them down, you'll end up in 2nd place at the end!

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