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  • DC757 - Southeastern Virginia

    A friend started DC757 in Hampton Roads (Southeastern Virginia, Norfolk - Portsmouth - Chesapeake - Virginia Beach - Newport News - Hampton - Suffolk). He then got busy with work. The group sort of merged with HRGeeks, Hampton Roads Geeks.

    We don't have an official DC757 page yet, but I plan to find some animated gifs of skulls and flames to make a killer one soon. While we don't have a page for DC757, we do still have the meeting that started as the DC757 meeting. So if there are other locals that aren't aware of all that is going on.... here is your links! is a simple blog that points to all of the other local tech related resources, plus includes news and such. We have a monthly dinner. It is, what was, the DC757 meeting. It doesn't qualify to be linked as a DC757 page (understandable). The main reason that the name changed was that the person who started DC757 doesn't have the opportunity to attend much due to work, and we wanted to aim for a broader audience to keep the meetings going. Wouldn't mind starting a separate DC757 group if someone can take over it (with a meeting on a different night, maybe in the 3rd week of the month :-) is the publishing point for projects that come out of HRGeeks.

    A few of us are pretty active with projects. We just got done talking about and releasing the beginnings of our open source UAV platform at shmoocon. We won the hacker arcade contest with the skeeball machine (The Skillcrane a few years ago at shmoocon was ours too). We also do the video network for the HOPE conference in NYC. Unfortunately transporting large amounts of gear to West Coast cons isn't practical for us so our large offerings are mostly limited to the east coast, drivable cons.

    So for all of the Southeastern Virginia people... yea there is some stuff going on locally!

    See you at CarolinaCon, and maybe NotACon.